Stirrings Of My Soul Shared With You 2


7Q_98ipcIDJsrBr3nJD-eyTLcyeZJgRpFCteNognf3E Often we wonder if that little voice matters, if we ought to listen to its whispers and change or plans and decisions. Those are the times that God speaks to us and sadly we ignore it.


A life without purpose is like slow death. A Life without passion is like being comatose. Seek purpose, pursue it with passion and you will heal all the evils in your life.


As long as we look the other way and pretend our demons don’t exist they play up more powerfully wanting to be acknowledged.Love and acceptance tames the most powerful demons  including those within us. Are you ready to embrace your dark side today?


How do you measure your success? By the car you own, the places you travel to, the brands you wear, the restaurants you dine at, the designation on your visiting card, the size of your  house OR by your unbeatable spirit that never let’s you be down for too long no matter how hard your life gets?


It’s easy to lose yourself to the opinions of others, it is easy to believe you are not enough, it is easy to forget that a special skill exists within you too. Awaken that potential and your life will never be the same again. For you will then encounter your greatness and believe in your Self.


Your unconscious thoughts manifest your reality and you aren’t even aware what you are thinking. If you aren’t happy with how your life presently is, look at your unconscious thoughts and you will have the power to change what you don’t like.


When we can feel each others pain and mirth, its hard to decide where it took birth

This then unravels the secret within, that you and I are one with all brethren.


Forgetting that we are made of the five elements and shall return back to them, we treat them with scant respect thinking it is we who are masters of these elements. How misguided can our thinking be?


When you forgive others for hurting you, you change you energy, dissolve your blocks & heal your life.


In the stillness of your being you discover the symphony of all creation.


Spirit courses through you and throbs in every breath. Soul knows but do you?


Dreams are the minds way of releasing memories you may not be ready to deal with in your waking state. Becoming aware of your dreams helps in knowing where you are still hurting.


Would you give your time or talent to create a product or service and expect not to be paid for it? Spiritual mentors assist in making your soul known to you so that your time and talents become more powerful and useful. Don’t you think they too deserve to be paid as handsomely as you?


Ego thinks you become small by accepting your faults and apologizing. Soul believes you rise higher and expand. Both are right. Ego must be defeated, reduced before it can accept that it is wrong and the light of the soul must grow before you can see and accept your own faults.


Choices made amidst the battleground of heated emotions invariably give birth to regret. Let the storm of your feelings die down before choosing anything. If the storm is still raging strong postpone decision making.


The universe is listening to your thoughts and will dutifully manifest them. If you think life is unfair you will create it. If you think you are deeply loved, love will pour into your life. The cosmic ear absorbs your every word and every thought. You are your own wish maker, whether you are conscious of it or not. Be careful of what you think…someone out there is listening and fulfilling your every thought.


Inner work takes courage but the payoffs are great. Earth lessons are not easy but each soul brings with it courage in direct correlation to the lesson it has chosen to overcome in this lifetime.


The fleeting glimpses of your dreams, the fire of your suffering and the strength of your love make you walk that lonely road through retribution into Light  soul soars high copy


Are you prepared to undertake the journey after your last breath? If not begin now.


Forsake the known and take the leap of faith into the vast unknown mysteries of the universe


Its time to take responsibility for the way your life is and choose to change what doesn’t work for you anymore.


Come all let us raise our frequencies by thinking positive thoughts, by being happy, by forgiving and seeking forgiveness, by giving up our pain our anger and our hate and by wiping our tears and choosing to be simply joyful


The longer you remain stuck in the past, the deeper your roots grow and the harder it becomes to uproot them and move on. Let go of the past and free yourself.


Oh pain, grower stronger until you pierce the fabric of my illusion and tear every shred.


Darkness comes upon you suddenly, illumination dawns gently.


Our children must tread their own path, it is their journey, their lesson, their pain to transmute, their awakening and their discovery of the light. They must undertake the struggle to fight darkness and vanquish it.In doing so they are awakened and they ascend. As parents we must allow them the honor and the space to choose their timing, their speed and their preferred process.


Only when you are totally shattered and forlorn by the illusionary relationships of this world do you begin to go within and discover the joys of a new world


Unshackled I come to thee, embrace me lord till there is no you and me


Know that you are merely the Gardner in your children’s lives. Set them free of your expectations and let them decide how, when and in what manner they chose to blossom


Let your love become the oil of another one’s lamp. Let it illumine their heart, mind and soul


Reflect on what you dislike deeply in another and know that it is your shadow self seeking your attention as it looks back at you through the mirror that is the other soul.


Do not allow another persons inner garbage and anger to putrefy your subtle bodies. Do not let that garbage enter your inner space by shutting the doors of your ears, mind, eyes and heart when they are emptying out their rot. Then feel blessed that you helped them get rid of some of their pain.


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