4. Karma of Courage

Struggle was her middle name. She had strived to be seen and heard even as a child but years later when she was married into a highly educated family, she was often humiliated and criticized. After all she wasn’t highly educated like the rest of her relatives. The constant humiliation did not break her spirit but something else did. One day, a strange twist of fate, did her in. She was poisoned by the maid who stole her gold chain and it was a miracle that she even survived. Unknown to her, she was pregnant with her second child at that time. After nine long months her daughter was...

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33. Are You Suffering From Past Life Indigestion?

If he hadn’t left home to chase his dreams, he would have been miserable. He wanted to make a name for himself, to become somebody significant, to be rich. And so it was that he had set forth to distant lands, even though his parents hadn’t wanted him to go. Years later he came back home to find it deserted and barren. With everyone gone, all he could do was walk around that silent house and speak to the furniture & walls. No one said anything, but the utensils on the table told him what had gone on. They left in a hurry, said the half-eaten-from dishes scattered on the...

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