21. Low Self Esteem

 A brilliant young student sought help to overcome

her interpersonal upset with some of her school friends and a particular teacher. As a pretty, intelligent and talented young girl of parents who doted on her, she had everything a child could dream of. She got near perfect scores in her tests and assignments and was the envy of all her peers and teachers. Despite this she felt emotionally unsettled, and disliked going to school. In the past year she had fallen ill often causing her to be frequently brilliant studentabsent from school, sometimes even for long spells.

 I worked with her using the PSYCH-K techniques to

discover that she suffered from several limiting beliefs. And surprise, surprise; they had to do with her self esteem. Unconsciously she had coped with these insecurities about her self -worth by developing a superiority complex, making her somewhat harsh and judgmental towards her peers, resulting in social isolation. The more isolated she felt, the harder she worked. This resulted in even higher grades and more disapproval from her classmates increasing her sense of isolation.

 Once her beliefs were changed there was a

distinct shift in her energy. In her words, she felt very peaceful after the process was completed. She now saw her goal as winning together with her friends, where not just she alone, but her friends also excelled. She felt comfortable and confident about rejoining school the next day at the conclusion of the winter vacations. Not only did the belief change shift her perception, it also gave her a new vision of an empowered and collaborative future. In the days to come I look forward to hearing from her on how else her life has benefited from this rewiring of her brain.


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