Quick Tip 4: Choice filters

A young boy came home from school and announced to his mother, “I don’t know what happened to papa today, he put an empty water bottle and yesterday’s stale tiffin box into my school bag.

First the mother sensed anger well up in her about how the father could let the little child go hungry and thirsty to school.

Then another part of her emerged and began to worry if all was well with her husband. She had never known him to be irresponsible, so what could have made him behave this way?

And then suddenly, her inner child popped up from deep within her and she burst out laughing finding the whole story rather amusing and funny. It would go down in her book of memories as those warm fuzzy tales of how a well meaning and loving father on a rushed morning ended up making such a stupid but endearing mistake.

The first response came from the persecutor within the mother

The second came from the eternal worrier

The third came from the objective observer that provided insightful vision.

Which filters are you looking at your life through; the persecutor, worrier, victim or objective observer?

 Think about what it is that upset you today and try changing your filters to see how they magically transform the experiences of your life.



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