The Magical Child

Every night as the clock strikes 12,IMG_1631

my magical spell disintegrates as I am rudely summoned back to a reality chained by the arms of time. Like a defiant child who doesn’t want to put away her toys, I bargain with time… wanting more.

I ache to read just a little longer,

think harder, pen down my thoughts, meditate deeper, strike musical notes on my harmonium, sing, gaze at the starlit sky from my bedroom window, travel to imaginary places in my head, solve complex therapy cases, talk to God, chase butterflies in my mind’s eye…oh if only the night could stop ticking away.

What if I could stretch time, I wonder?

The clock ticks louder, the eyes begin to droop, the body aches to slumber but the heart, ahh now that is a different matter, the heart never tires. It dreams up visions of a steaming cup of tea to accompany my engrossing book. Just one more page I tell myself, underlining words of wisdom, delighting in the authors thoughts as a child sliding in ecstasy down a steep water slide.

Enamored by this exquisite world

with all its unseen and unknown phenomena, I want to hold time in my hands, so I can upturn each stone and discover what lies beyond. A world where every moment is a marvel, where every centipede looks like a vehicle on wheels, every beetle a giant button to adorn my dress and every puddle a sea that carries origami boats to their destination.

In the stillness of the night

when the world sleeps, my inner child tugs at my heart, doe eyed at the wonders of the universe and begs me to stay awake longer, explore some more, make sense of the shadows, discover untold secrets and unravel mysteries.

Helpless in the face of my child’s innocence

and joy, I relent. Every night, I break my adult resolve to retire early and let my inner child win me over and undertake the journey of discovery. A journey so beautiful that only the enthusiastic drumming of my heart and the sound of a child laughing as a ripple through my body can explain.

I toy with the idea of

making time elastic or better still breaking out of its prison to be set free, to play, to know, to ponder, to be, to become – timeless; if even for just one night.

There is a magical inner child in each one of us craving our love and attention. Sadly as we grow into adulthood and become fettered by the responsibilities of daily life we forget to engage with and nurture this inner child making our lives lack luster and bereft of joy. If you are seeking joy in life, it is important to connect with your inner child and allow it to emerge and play.

Suzy Singh



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