The Plain and the Beautiful

The Almond muffins sat quietly

poised near the fruit platter. They could hear the clatter of silver cutlery and loud boisterous voices in the background.

You all are so plain, exclaimed

the beautifully decorated cake that sat proudly on the same table as them.

That’s true, spoke one muffin in a calm

and steady voice, but even though we look plain we are rich with care because we were baked by the most loving pair.

Huh, it’s not the care but the flare

that matters plain one. Do you know, the hands that baked me are more skilled than any on this land and the rich from far and wide eat delicacies made from them?

I’m sure they are the best, but

did I mention said another, that with each swirl of the batter a beautiful serenading voice infused in us vibration of chants and prayers so those who partake of us may be blessed each day.

Does that even matter,

scoffed the decorated cake, it’s not the unheard prayers but fancy presentations that get people’s attention. You won’t understand about things so grand, plain one.

You are right, spoke the muffin that

sat at the end, I know nothing about appearances; what I do know is the one who baked me spent hours thinking about what would make the birthday boy happy. She painstakingly sifted the flour, hand sliced the almonds, and after whipping the batter till her arms ached, waited patiently for us to bake just right while she sat by the hearth singing praises of the lord.

By the time we were ready,

she looked all messy and worn out but her heart was filled with joy and love. And even though we are so plain we are filled to the brim with love and care. Whosoever eats us will feel happy in some way, that even the most beautiful appearances cannot match nor say, we are pure & blessed as should be food for the Gods; does it even matter that no one will applaud?

The Beautiful cake kept silent.

He wished he could feel the magic of sifting flour amidst loving hands and hear heavenly songs sung by angel bands. At last he spoke and asked in a murmur so hushed that only the one sitting closest to him blushed, what does it feel like plain one, to be beautiful on the inside?

Moral of the story:

Look for the inner beauty in people’s hearts. Even the most ordinary and plain people can gift you the biggest treasures through nourishing and enriching relationships.



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