Chapter 7: The Power of Deliberate Thinking in Transformation

IMG_0558What is it that you all wish to know about the world changes at this time?

Well maybe you could begin by telling us about all these tsunamis and earthquakes that seem to be tell-tale signs of what may happen.

So tell us have these events not occurred before? Is this the first time ever that these events are happening? You see the thing is that your technical abilities have made the broadcast of these events so spontaneous today that all of you all over the planet get this information in what you call real time and then the word gets around and a lot more people who want to talk about something have content to make their conversations juicier. With each one adding his own interpretation and coloring the event with his own apprehensions and fears without even realizing it.

So the truth as it were develops many different hues which are imparted with each unique interpretation by each person who hears and transmits that news further. And the common thread that runs through most minds is the fear and because the masses are waiting for the so called 2012 disaster to happen you start connecting every independent event to that. But understand it is only your mass interpretation. It is not the truth.

Oh, I see.

We wish you could actually see the truth. The truth as we see is far brighter than you all seem to access. You’ve never been better positioned or should we say better abled before. You all should be a lot more optimistic than you are and this is one of the reasons that we are communicating with you at this time. So that you can overcome this wave of negative thinking and become more positive about what lies ahead.

So are you saying there is nothing to fear?

Fear? Definitely not. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. But prepare? That’s a different matter and we will, at the cost of sounding repetitive, keep saying that yes you have a lot of work to do. Sometimes the gap between success and failure can be so thin. Like a thread. It’s a delicate balance that you must strike.

Can You please tell us about the “all will be destroyed theory once again.”

Those thoughts and anxieties are the memories that are stored in the collective consciousness that you all are picking up. They come from your past. From what has been. Don’t pay heed to them or rather should we say become aware of them and through the power of deliberate thinking and reasoning which you all are so good at, convince yourselves that all these fears are merely shadows of a past existence.

They are conditioned ways of being and thinking. They are your history. They are not your present. Remind yourselves that this time it will be different. That you are committed to success and that you will make it happen. Just thinking in the present will be a great service towards humanity. Because as more and more of you project that positive thinking into the cosmic consciousness you will start to attract the forces that will help you to manifest that reality.

This is beginning to sound metaphysical.

But it is. All thought is metaphysical in nature. Ask your scientists. Is it not? What you feed the planet with in the form of your conscious thoughts is a very powerful way of manifestation. But read carefully, we are not talking of casual mindless thinking, what we are referring to must be deliberate and it must be authentic for it to become real.

So is this like wishing for something hard enough in a very positive way like with a powerful intent, like an affirmation that we all have been reading about in recent years?


Why partly?

Manifestation doesn’t occur by mere intending. Not all have the power to manifest. There are pre- requites for those who are capable of transforming their realities. And only those can make it happen who follow the rules of transformation.

So what are these rules of transformation?

Pure intent is first. By pure we mean, not for personal gain, which incidentally is triggered by greed and hence can never be manifested. Pure intent always seeks something for a higher purpose, for the overall benefit of a group or a community. It is never selfish.

Secondly, it must be generated by the urge for growth, a spontaneous throbbing of the soul to evolve.

Thirdly it must have consistency and commitment. You can’t want it one day and be lazy or doubtful about it tomorrow. It must be a constant pressing need within you. Something you just can’t do without. Almost like restlessness in your soul.

Fourthly, it must grow with the passage of time. What may start out as a tiny germ of a thought must flower into a tree that spreads its roots and branches in all directions. It must grow big and strong.

And lastly it must have the aspiration of a better tomorrow. A brighter future, where all can come together to create something that will benefit not just your own people, but many other life forms and beings. This may be a difficult concept to conceive in its entirety but for the time being consider it as the gifts that other non-human forms may receive as the by-product of your evolutionary success.


  1. The intent must be pure and for the highest good of all
  2. It must be generated by the urge for real growth
  3. It must have consistency and comittement
  4. It must grow with the passage of time
  5. It must carry the seed aspiration of a better tomorrow

These  messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.

Photo credit: Esha Singh


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