The Relevance of 1111

In recent times there has been a lot of interest about the interpretation and relevance of 1111 around the world. Many claim to have seen it flash on their electronic devices and phones every single day. I personally know of a young college student who never once missed glimpsing her watch at that very exact time each day for the last several months.

So what is the real implication of 1111?

Why is it that so many people are tuning into this number? Is there an embedded code of some sort that is being projected onto the collective consciousness? Does it hold different meanings for different people? Or does it have relevance to only those who have been noticing these numbers?

What should we make of this number?

In a seemingly majestic and lucid dream the essence of this number was unravelled to me on the night of 11 November 2012 (1111). It was on this date that the dark forces working on our planet intensified their activity moving into their most aggressive phase ever. It marks the peak of negativity and darkness in our environment. And since dark energies cannot work on their own but operate through humans we can expect to experience much greater volatility in human emotions.

More and more people who are vulnerable or weak physically, emotionally or mentally may find themselves being drawn further into the dark emotions of anger, sadness, hatred, vengeance, hopelessness, fear, regret, guilt, unhappiness etc. These emotions will be triggered and then magnified in those who serve the dark ones.

So who are these people that serve the dark ones?

These are people who are so immersed in their pain, grief and unhappiness that their weakened defences allow the dark ones to be attracted to them because they know that such people will not put up any resistance since they have lost touch with their inner core, their very centre of awareness. Such people unwittingly become the hosts which the dark ones invade and operate through. They control their thoughts and feelings, their spoken words and even their actions.

The dark ones plan to geometrically multiply the number of such hosts from 1111 onwards. It’s not that they have not always being doing this but that the scale at which they plan to do it now is unthinkable. These inflicted hosts will then spread the germ of unhappiness, depression and fear in their immediate environments within their families and slowly this germ will viral out to afflict all like an epidemic becoming inclusive and lowering the balance of love, light and happiness on the planet.

The intent of this offensive by the dark ones is to impact the entire community of humans through humans and in a manner so subtle that none will even know how it happened. Slowly as the dark germ spreads it will keep reducing the light quotient and the scales will tilt in the favour of the dark ones. They believe this will mark the victory of darkness against light.

How will the dark ones begin this onslaught?

They will inflict the dark germ into the weakest link in the chain of each human unit at the level of the family. For families get drawn into the pain and suffering of their loved ones more easily and spontaneously than strangers do. Having infected the vulnerable one they will work at magnifying the negativity in the host who will have an immediate effect on his family members.

Each family member will daily be impacted by the disturbing vibrations of the host causing them to remain in the energy of stress, anger, upsets, irritation, sadness or pain in some way or another. They will then become carriers of this energy among their satellite groups such as their co-workers, friends, grocers, neighbors etc and pass on their negative vibes to these people and slowly this effect will escalate. Until they take over all humans into the fold of negativity. It sure seems like a smart plan given the everyday stresses that we all succumb to so easily.

What can we do to prevent this invasion? How can we subvert this epidemic from achieving unparalleled proportions?

To start with every family unit must pray together even if it is for a few minutes each day. Those of you who find it convenient to chant or meditate together in groups will make a great difference because the collective energy has a multiplier effect and alters the vibratory levels across a much larger field. The vibrations that are set up with these activities make it very difficult and uncomfortable for the dark ones to penetrate and reside amidst. I personally chant the Gayatri Mantra out loud everyday and I find its efficacy extremely powerful in aligning and centering the mind and the environment that you live in.

Secondly, use daily protection.

You can practice simple protection shields such as visualizing yourselves cocooned in a ball of white light which is sealed at the outer edges with reflective mirrors and affirm that you are divinely protected and that all negative energies simply bounce of your reflective shield and travel back to source. Make the intent daily that you serve only the Light and you revoke any contracts made with the darkness ever before in the past. The simplest affirmation is to keep repeating I AM A BEING OF LIGHT AND I SERVE ONLY THE LIGHT. You can also visualize the protective shields for your friends and family members. Remember the effect of the shield lasts only twelve hours so you need to renew the shield morning and night. Doing multiple shields such as having your children do it for themselves and then reinforcing it for them by adding another shield that the parent can do is also very useful.

Thirdly don’t leave your homes without

the protection of prayers. You do not know the kind of energies that you may encounter. If doing this seems difficult, think of doing it the minute you take your seat in your vehicle or hit the pavement to walk to your destination. A simple payer such as MASTERS PROTECT ME AND KEEP ME SAFE FROM ALL DANGERS is good enough. Avoid conflict as best as you can. By now you would have understood who is orchestrating conflict and why.

Do not get dragged into energy battles

that will drain you. You have power and protection for as long as you resist the temptation to engage in conflict. The minute you do engage know that you have been tricked and you cannot win against the deviousness and intense negative power of the dark ones. Love, grace, compassion, understanding, non judgement and forgiveness are energies that keep you protected so stay in the protection of these positive emotions. Nothing can even come close to you leave alone hurt you if you stay in the vibrations of these feelings.

Most importantly identify who in your family

is the weakest link, the most vulnerable one for he/she will become the target of the dark ones and receive the most pain. Commit to yourself that no matter what happens you will support that person through the power of understanding, love and compassion. Help them, heal them and empower them to find their strength again. Let me warn you this will not be easy. It will take great inner strength to keep centred while dealing with these people for they are already deeply injured and are likely to press your hot buttons easily. But do not succumb to negative emotions under any circumstances. If things get difficult ask your Masters for help and support. They will be most eager to step in and fortify your inner strength.

If the weak link happens to be you,

first gain an understanding of what is really happening as explained here. Then make a list of your vulnerable spots. Use affirmations to invoke strength in those vulnerable areas. Intensify your relationship with the light through prayers. If you know someone who you think is spiritually and mentally strong ask them for assistance and support. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. Do not let yourself drift away. It is important that you stay alert and positive. Listen to your inner dialogue and transform your negative thoughts even if you don’t believe them. Strengthen your body, mind and soul. Eat well, exercise, get enough sunlight, avoid violent movies and videos games and don’t listen to hard metal or gothic music. Make prayer and speaking to God a daily habit.

Understand that this is no longer a war.

THIS IS A BATTLE AND IT JUST GOT WORSE. So harness your positive prowess, stay centred, avoid people who always speak and behave in negative ways and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. By doing these things we can all collectively abort their plans and tilt the scales back in the favour of the light. With peace, joy and love we can pave the way for the golden age once we are done with this battle. No one knows how long this battle will last but being alert to the ways of the opposition embraces us with the knowledge and power about how we can fight this battle and win it.



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  1. suzysingh says:

    Shalini wrote on my facebook wall: “Absolutely fabulous article…very enlightening.Thanks Suzy Singh”

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