Quick Tip 5: Put Yourself First

A young woman was praying out loud

Lord you first

Then me

Then my family and friends

And then the whole world

Bless me that I may serve this order each day”

A man standing behind her asked “Pardon me for asking but isn’t it selfish of you to put yourself ahead of your family and friends?”

The beautiful woman explained;

“The Lord dwells in me and gives me breath of life so I serve him first. He tells me what I should do, how and why; without his guidance and plan I am nothing – I wouldn’t exist.

I put myself next because it is through me he makes himself known to me. But to know him I have to make sure this body of mine is strong and healthy so it can bear the magnificence, power and intensity of his voltage.

This mind must be daily emptied of all its business so that when God calls, my phone lines are not jammed and I can pick his call at the first ring and hear what he has to say.

And each day I must do the inner work to guard my spirit from becoming obscured for when it does I lose the bandwidth to receive the download from the Lord and am unable to remain connected at all times.

I put my family and friends next for only when I can keep my channels pure and clean am I capable of praying for them or being of assistance to anyone else.

A blocked tap is of no use to anyone, it must first be cleaned for the water to flow through and only then can others drink of it. So each day now put yourself first.



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