What Does the Person Receiving Remote Reiki Healing Have to Do?

At the outset, healing must be requested for.

Reiki being a divine healing modality, it is in complete alignment with the karmic philosophy of the planet and is guided by the principle of free will. Sending Reiki healing to a person who does not wish to receive it, will have no healing impact, as the healing frequency will simply bounce off their bodies and not be absorbed. So the first essential is that the recipient themselves must request for the healing. a well wisher or loved one asking for healing to be sent to another is in violation of the principle of freewill unless off course this is done willingly with the consent and desire of the recipient.

Time for reception must be affirmed.

The recipient must know the exact time when the remote healing is to be administered. If the recipient is unconscious or sedated, this message can simply be whispered into their ear, so that their unconscious mind receives the message.

During reception time recipients arms and legs should not be crossed.

It is ideal if the recipient can lie in bed during reception time. Care should be taken to see that arms and legs are not crossed as this causes a short circuit of the energy flow and disrupts reception and absorption of the healing energies.


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