What is #careforkarma?

We are constantly bombarded with negative information and thoughts from our environment. Be it the daily news, the scams, the terror, the social injustices or merely the casual conversations and gossip among peers, family & friends; bad news, dis-satisfactions, resentments, jealousies and upsets overwhelm our lives everyday. Do you know what this does to your mind and mental states?


These thoughts permeate your consciousness, bathing you in a pool of negativity that expands fear and fearful occurrences. At a personal level it increases your unconscious levels of stress, making you edgy & irritable, causing headaches, bodyaches, GI related troubles such as IBS and indigestion and various other forms of physical, emotional & mental distress. At a collective level it perpetuates more fear, more unhappiness and terror related events.

Other people’s negative thoughtforms, damaging emotions and poor intentions enter your mind, afflicting you, even while you remain unaware of their presence in your consciousness. That is why doctors are often unable to diagnose any disruptions in your physiology even though you continue to feel unwell.

An unaware mind is highly suggestible and it fails to discern and filter out these harmful effects. The result? You go about life’s routine activities monotonously, suffering immensely and yet being unaware that you are under attack from negativity & stress. Without consciously applying yourself and exercising your will or personal choice, you live life as a victim of your circumstances. When chronic illness manifests, you simply stop at wondering, why is this happening to me.


But when you #careforkarma, your awareness grows. You ask yourself why am I thinking and acting this way? Am I coming from a loving space? Do I wish to think, speak & act in unloving ways? And a new dimension opens up in your consciousness.

By placing your attention on daily karma, you become more conscious. You begin observing negative influences and block them willingly by saying, I disagree; these limited views do not apply to me. When you write and share your #careforkarma experiences, you digest & assimilate these in your psyche and expand your awareness deliberately.

With each additional person who practices this, the collective consciousness grows rapidly, shifting the scales and worldview from…the world is a treacherous and unsafe place, to…the world is a friendly & safe place. Those who make this perceptual shift, by observing & assimilating their experiences, transform their beliefs about the world and create amazing changes in their everyday lives. Many people innocently call these changes, miracles.

There are of course, many ways to become conscious. This is simply one easy & fun way. If you wish to participate in changing how we all perceive the world, join the #careforkarma initiative today.

Simply watch your daily thoughts, speech and actions, and share your loving karmas and thoughts on any social media, however insignificant or small they might seem. If you see someone being sensitive, caring & loving, talk about those too. By engaging your & other people’s attention frequently on positive things, you will expand the awareness of what’s loving, and reduce the overwhelmingly large bank of the collective fearful thoughts that we are all enmeshed in. You will cut the shackles of unhappiness and limitations. You will set us all free.

Thank you wonderful people for listening, choosing, and making the world a better, safer and more friendly place to live in. Now simply think of all the wonderful reasons for loving your life today, get onto your keyboard, sign off #careforkarma and begin transforming your consciousness instantly.


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