What is Past Life Regression?

Memories of all that has ever happened to us

in our past incarnations and lives are stored in the primitive part of the subconscious mind.  These may be retrieved during states of mild and deep trance either intentionally for clinical reasons by a trained therapist or experienced spontaneously by some people during meditation and dreaming.

Remarkable healings and symptomatic relief

from physical, emotional and mental  afflictions become  possible through the reliving of these past lives as blocked energies and somatic charges are released. Unexplained physical pains can vanish, fears & phobias are healed , insights into karmic relationships dissolves long held resentments making forgiveness possible, talents and skills are uncovered, life purpose may be unraveled  and sometimes spontaneous healing of wounds also occurs.

The possibilities of healing by regressing

into a past life are as enormous as they are miraculous. More importantly, the direct experience of the souls eternal nature can be so powerful and moving for the person undergoing a regression that it can permanently change their perception and awareness towards life and living.

How are these memories carried forward from life to life?

Every time a soul chooses to give up a human incarnation, it sheds the garment of its physical vesture – the body – but carries with it all the imprints of thoughts and emotions experienced & accumulated in that life, into the next life along with its karmic balance of good & bad deeds and actions.

These imprints are stored in the soul mind

as fears, traumas, phobias, beliefs, attachments and somatic experiences in the form of cellular memories and when the time for the next incarnation is agreed upon, the descending soul brings with it all of these memories back into the chosen body of the fetus that the soul occupies.

These tendencies get imprinted onto

the human persona of the fetus and it shapes its personality to reflect these . All the memories of pain, hurt, trauma, unfinished business, anger, attachments, etc. which the soul has brought along get activated at various times in its present life creating the drama that allows it to redeem its karmic debts and learn its soul lessons through the various troubles and roadblocks in its present life.

Before incarnating, the soul decides

which experiences it will address, heal or overcome in this present life. These manifest as challenges and adversities that you face.  Often these beliefs, emotions and tendencies are so deeply embedded in your psyche that they keep recurring over and over again as distinct patterns in your life such as in your relationships, career, health, financial circumstances, personality or even your spiritual journey.

You wonder why bad things happen to you

even though you have never hurt people nor thought ill of anyone. You begin to search for answers to your recurring patterns and adversities. You seek to know the cause of your suffering and what you may have done to deserve such a life.

The answer to these questions can be found

in your past lives from where the storehouse of these imprints have come from and a trained Past Life Regression therapist can help to recover these memories and heal them so that you are free of these limiting patterns. Once the memories are healed you are no longer troubled by them and you can transform that aspect of your life and maximize your potential.

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