What kind of questions does the I Ching answer?

The I Ching represents existence

itself and is indeed worthy of awe. I have been reading the I Ching for over 18 years and till date, each time I sit for a reading I feel a kind of trepidation and awe that one usually feels in the presence of a revered and illuminated master.

It is for this reason I believe

that questions of even the deepest nature can be asked of this magnificent oracle. You can ask any questions related to your relationships, career path, emotional issues,  spiritual direction or personal growth; in short just about any question that is open ended and to which you are seeking guidance.

The only questions the oracle

does not provide answers to are time related (e.g. when will this project come through)or close ended questions (e.g. will I get the deal or not). This oracle is a master guide. It teaches you the best ways of dealing with your life’s situations.

I do believe that the intent

with which one approaches the I Ching is mirrored back in the readings for this is a highly sensitive and perceptive text. So if you approach the oracle as you would a Guru the guidance you receive is of the quality that can be expected of a revered one.


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