What Sai revealed about the Praying Horse

Last night i had a dream. I was to travel from one destination to another in order to arrive at a wedding. I chose to cover this distance on horse back. Interestingly, the horse i was riding was rather slow. His head hung low in a servile fashion. Many a times i tried to push him, urging him to speed up and go faster, but whenever i tried to, i found myself sitting on his head and about to fall off.

At those times, i consciously pulled back my desire to speed up, and managed to stay astride the slow but steady horse. Then i came upon the boundary wall of a prayer house, a Gurudwara, and as the chant of the priest’s prayers filled my ears, i heard the horse muttering the same prayers under his breath. I was taken by surprise. This was no ordinary horse. He was a praying horse. Hearing him pray, i chanted along, until we reached our destination. There I instructed him to sit down and he obeyed my command quietly. Dismounting, i patted him loving and entered the venue of the wedding.

The Symbolic Interpretation

Sai, my Divine master, revealed the true meaning of this dream in my morning meditation. The horse was a symbol of power. True power does not come from being the fastest or the best, he showed me, it came from being humble (horse’s low hung head), being prayerful (one who chants the Lords name), being service oriented (horse carrying me to my destination), helping others find divine union (the horse helped me reach the wedding venue).

Praying Horse

This journey of life is about seeking divine union, that is why i am going to the wedding venue (it points to the purpose of my life). We reach it through prayer, through the practice of humility (the horse sits when i ask it to, even though it is not the nature of a horse to do so, only a camel sits down to dismount its carrier), through service to others, and by cultivating a deep desire to carry others along with us (this implies selflessness even in our desire for ‘mukti’ or freedom from suffering).

We don’t need to be the best at something, or materially successful to reach divine union, but rather, we need to cultivate simplicity, dedication and a steady approach. If we push too hard for material success (greed, selfish desire), or become too impatient to reach our destination, we become unsteady and can fall off the path (i find myself about to fall off the horse’s head when i want to speed up). Our journey of life must follow the boundary wall of the ‘Gurudwara’ (we must develop deep faith, seek the support of prayerfulness when greed threatens our equipoise, and cultivate an all pervading desire to know the truth) for us to reach that ultimate destination of the marriage venue (union with the divine) where we discover oneness and merge with our Source.
Sai always makes things so simple, so clear. In deep gratitude for his guidance.


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