What should you expect during a typical session?

On your first visit you are required to share a detailed history of all aspects related to the issue that you wish to heal or gain a deeper understanding about. This may involve a brief historical perspective of your life, right from birth, and ideally a detailed description of any significant events that shaped your life.

Build trust in your therapist and in the process… and allow the rest to unfold.

Any recurring or significant dreams that you may have had in the last six months aid a deeper understanding of your issues and it is helpful if you can record these prior to the session.If you are undergoing allopathic treatment currently it is helpful to know what medications you are taking. If you have undergone Hypnosis or Past life regressions earlier a record of those experiences, insights and learning’s can be extremely useful .

If this is your very first experience of hypnosis you can expect to get greater clarity and understanding into the Theory of the Mind and how hypnosis actually works. You may wish to note down any specific queries or doubts that you wish to clarify.Additionally, you may also be required to answer a questionnaire to ascertain your suggestibility in order to identify which techniques of therapy are more appropriately suited to your personality type.

A short hypnotic experience is provided at the first visit to train the mind to enter the relaxed state more easily. While therapy work may begin at the first visit itself (this depends on how long the detailed historical perspective and the cognitive identification of the key issue takes) it is at best a preview or a trailer of the deeper work that becomes possible at the second session in most cases. The second session involves deep therapy as the issues have already been identified and the real work can commence now.

Sessions are usually three hour long so please plan your schedules accordingly. It doesn’t help if your mind is worried about getting somewhere else so please choose a relaxed day for your appointment. Wear loose and comfortable clothing. And most importantly, do not be overly anxious or have preconditioned notions or expectations from the session because that hampers the minds ability to flow freely and journey into the subconscious mind.


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