What the Trees Teach Us

As I look outside my window I see the trees preparing to shed their leaves. Spring is upon them and the trees understand that in accordance with the cyclical rules of nature it’s time to shed the old and prepare to sprout new leaves.

Who tells the trees that it is time for renewal

and how does each and every tree know that it is the time to let go?Perhaps the wind whispers to the leaves as it passes through them that time is upon them. And the sun becomes stronger and brighter reminding and illuminating their memory of that eternal cycle.

And as each tree awakens to this remembering

it lets the wind carry this message to all other trees reminding them too that in the oneness of all things all the trees must  come together to shed their old leaves and prepare to embrace the new.

The tree has no mind of its own.

It follows the mind of the universe and intuits through it, always knowing the right time and the right thing to do. It does not stand apart but shares its wisdom with all other trees so they may follow too. They do not hold on to the old, knowing it is time to let go.

And not for a moment do they doubt that soon enough new leaves they will sprout.

What is this knowing that gives them the faith, to let go without assurance that something new, something fresh will be born off them and that once again they will enjoy nurturing, growing, dancing in the wind and swaying in the breeze as they celebrate and rejoice in the seasons of life?

Why is it that we humans, perceived to be more intelligent

than the trees have lost the ability to let go of our past and embrace the new as bravely and as readily as the trees do?  Is it because we have allowed our mind to break away from the cosmic mind that guides the tree and allowed our lesser knowing mind to lose itself in the madness of this human mess, no longer remembering the cycles nor having the faith or the wisdom of knowing? Do we even faintly suspect the oneness of all things?

Why do we stand so apart?

Why have we forgotten what it is like to intuit and remember that everything that is born, must grow evolve and die away only so that we can be renewed and our spirit can sprout forth with the softness of a tender new leaf and  in the colors of an awakened new life. Why can’t we be more like the trees?



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