Where would you like us to start today? With your fears?

That would be extremely useful.

At the beginning you were all connected to us. Each one of you had a unique connection that you could tap into instantaneously. It was almost spontaneous. Then slowlythedecaybegan and through the passage of time you have today reached a state where you have become so dense, accumulated so much baggage, that you have willingly forsaken that connection with us. Know that where there is no love, only fear abounds. Now you may wonder what love has to do with your fear; fears of losing your wealth or your children being safe. And we say if you had the magnanimity to share your wealth would you be as worried? If you could extend the love that you feel for your children to other people, would there be people waiting to grab whatever they can get through wrong means such as kidnapping your children for ransom? If only each one of you tried to exist in a state of love the evils of society would nothavetakenbirth.


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