Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Q: Why do bad things happen to good people and good things seem to happen to the bad guys?

A: Dear N

There were once two friends

each very different from the other. One was very simple and ordinary looking. He lead a frugal life and worked very hard. The other was outgoing and flashy. He wore designer clothes, partied often, drove fancy cars, and had a rocking life. Most people thought that the simple friend was  poor and the flashy one rich.

But then one day the poor guy died and left a fortune to the orphanage so that the children there could enjoy a good life. When the rich friend died, people realized that he had spent all his wealth and become bankrupt. His kids were left in an orphanage, which they grew up to realize, was run by the trust financed by their father’s poor friend.

Who do you think was actually richer of the two? While it seemed that the poor friend lived a hard life and bad things kept happening to him, fact is that he chose to live that way so that others could benefit from his life and find happiness. His purpose and karma were closely aligned with the Godly path.

The second friend spent his life experiencing life’s pleasures all through, but he died a poor man both financially and in terms of accumulating good karma. He was still to reach the stage when his soul would be ready to learn about Gods ways.

Earth is a school where souls

incarnate for the purpose of evolution. This is the only plane (third dimensional plane) in the universe where souls have the opportunity to redeem and balance their karma and purify their essence by moving away from darkness (tamas) towards the Light (Sattva).

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 Before descending on earth, each soul must decide

  • The lessons or virtues it will learn in this present life such as courage, patience, self- love, gratitude, generosity, etc.
  • The people who will assist it to learn these lessons, and they will appear as key relationships within which the drama of its life will unfold
  • The people that it will choose to support, assist and teach lessons to
  • The measure of good karma accumulated from past lives it will use up and expend
  • The measure of  bad karma it will redeem or balance in this life
  • The soul purpose it will accomplish and this is the expression that it will nurture and develop such as entertainer, leader, healer, author, teacher, soldier, painter, musician, parent etc.

Based on all the above considerations it will choose a blueprint or life destiny that can help it accomplish these objectives.

Older or more evolved souls

may intentionally take on a bigger quantum of bad karma to redeem or work through in this life and hence may appear to have a much tougher human existence.

Remember also, that being older they have gone through many more life cycles and accumulated more karma.

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As souls grow older, they are willing to carry a heavier human yolk in order to accelerate their purification and shorten the distance to the light. Thus they may decide to exhaust lesser good karma and instead work primarily on redeeming their bad karma. From a human perspective, this is perceived as bad things happening to good people.

Younger souls on the other hand,

usually opt for easier lives and easy soul lessons. They have lived fewer lives and accumulated lesser karma to work through. Like playful children they are still exploring this realm of human incarnation and may be more reckless and carefree in spending their balance of good karma liberally.

Seen through the veil of illusion it appears as though less responsible souls are having an easier time or good things are happening to bad people.

In the record keepers books however,

the wise old souls who have chosen to move faster towards the light have taken personal responsibility in choosing this balance and are not better or worse off than the younger souls.

These souls usually bring down enough soul strength in this incarnation to deal with these hard choices and may have greater determination, strength of character and tenacity to deal with their complex lessons.



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