Why Is Regressing So Important For Your Healing?

If you wish to clean up anything

you need to get your hands dirty. There’s no way you can heal the past without facing it. But if for some reason you are not yet prepared to deal with those life issues at this present moment, the universe has created perfect checks and balances. You will simply not regress because your subconscious mind will not grant permission for your awareness to travel into that space and time.

It is also important to understand

that all emotions and thoughts whether past or present are nothing but energies that live within you. You can choose to keep them as they are, release them into the universe or transform them; but you cannot destroy energy.

Your only choice then is to either

live with the pain or become free of it. And to be free, vivification (re-living) is essential. You must relive the experience. For then you can be guided by the therapist to wilfully release the associated body memories, thoughts and emotions that are stored in the cellular structure of your body and bring in healing energies in their place.

Just as to repair any piece of machinery

it is important that you open it up to examine it closely and understand its engineering so you learn how to repair,  reconstruct and restore it, so also it is with our lives. We must be willing to examine our experiences, see what it is that we have to learn, and once we gain those insights, we can throw away the undesirable residues that no longer serve any purpose.

This is why the willingness to heal

yourself as well as the skill of the therapist in making the journey both easy and gentle are essential for bringing successful closure to this process.


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