The Cause Of Human Suffering

Jesus Says

Why must one suffer, you ask

And I say

Know not they why they embraced this birth

They resist the lessons and so they hurt

In the merriment of their lives

They leave behind the most important chapter

From their Book of Life

Wander they do

Through the mesmerising gullies of drunken stupor

Thinking they are living life

As they are meant to


But they know not

That the limited over’s of their lives

Are so consumed in walking along the dark alley’s

Not once have they stopped to ponder

Why they are here

Persistently they complain to that Lord

Who beholds the heavens

Why he has placed these heavy burdens on their shoulders.

Complain they do

But never wait to surrender

And so it is they never hear

What he has to say

Nor do they ever find any answers


This matrix of life is split into four cells.

Insane quarters of regret

Or what may be called non doing.

Trampled under the weight of coulds and woulds

Actions are lost to sweet contemplative thoughts

That never yield but remain suspended to abstractions.


The second is the Tomb of Tranquillity

Rarely ever visited

Craved but not earned

Yearned but not served

It remains largely unvisited through the course of human existence


The third is born of contemporary and antiquated actions

These fill your days and your thoughts

It is the dominion of pain and suffering

Earned through non contemplative actions


Miseries, through descent of human frailties

Compose this dense jungle

Where men must loose themselves

Never finding their way out

Through the complex maze of endeavor and recurring failures


And the last is the most fragile

The kingdom of human recognition of itself

The sensitive, easy to anger and hard to submit

the over energetic and never put downable ego

It conquers your every quest

It rules; thumping its feet

Anchoring its will and declaring war

Over any attempt to confront its existence


Listen my child deeply now

In its center, the ego fades

Under the steady gaze of that inner sun

Each day if you can cast upon it that Eye

It shall fade steadily

Trembling, not knowing why or who watches it

And when it shall wonder and grow thin

Starved of its staple

Its hunger will grow

And it might even scream louder

Sometimes even roar


Even as it does

Watch it thunder

For before it dies

It shall surrender

Bittersweet pain its anguish might cause you

But pause a bit and watch it as it blunders

Its unrelenting dance will tire

Its deadly blows you will conquer

Its passions will fade through its own grief

Weary and tired it will commend

The power of the One

That watched and waited till the very end


And long after

This gaze will be yours forever

Every breath will renew

Every step that you muster

Will take you steadily closer to home

All conquests done, all tasks completed

The day is over and so is your work

You can cast your body

And fly to the skies

Embrace the nothingness

And return to the divine

The journey is over

Until it begins again

This tooing and froing is HIS dance

It is his will


Embrace him now

It shall make your journey tranquil

With ease you will crossover

The waters of evil

With poise you shall refrain

From drowning in the storms of the earthly terrain

With passion you will train

The eye to set its gaze


Come my children

Together in this poise

For steady of the heart

And brave in the mind

Is what is called for

To train your thoughts

And walk towards him

From where so ever you are


Prophecy channeled through Suzy



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