32. Why You Must Forgive Parents

He could not forgive his father. No matter how hard he tried, flashes of the angry fights between his parents, and his mother’s helplessness kept his hatred alive. Changing cities helped but every time he went home, the anger returned. When he had to visit home, he usually avoided his father, and often went out with friends to prevent interactions with his dad.


Childhood scars can often lead to a breakdown in our emotional circuitry. Every individual receives a flow of divine feminine and masculine energy from each of our parents. When we hold deep resentments against any one parent, we cut off the energy supply of that yin or yang aspect. Just as the foetus needs both the sperm and ovum to develop into a whole new form of life, we need both the masculine & feminine energies to function effectively in the world.

If our relationship with the mother is hurt, we are likely to be angry with ourselves and experience guilt as a result. This energy flow determines our relationship with our self. If the relationship with the father is hurt we may find ourselves blaming others for our difficulties and life situations. This aspect defines our relationship with the world outside. Both, if fractured or disrupted, deny us the possibility of happiness. By forgiving the relevant parent we repair the flow of associated feeling energies within us. We are able to find balance in our relationships where loving & being loved, giving & receiving, caring & being cared for become possible in unique new ways.

Today, Hemant healed the childhood experiences that kept the anger against his father cemented. After years his eyes wept for the endearing comfort of his fathers loving embrace. As he emerged from that powerful catharsis, a gentleness came over him. Like melting ice that had thawed under the warm glare of the sun, the newfound son reached for the phone to call his dad and finally said the words that had for so long evaded him. I love you papa, didn’t seem quite so difficult to say now.

Healing the relationship with your parent is the most powerful way to start living a powerful and I-didn’t-know-this-was-possible life of miracles today. Don’t waste another day. Choose to heal your relationships with yourself and the world today.


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