Will I get Married? What does the future hold?

For the past several years she had visited uncountable

astrologers hoping someone would accurately predict when she would find the man of her dreams and get married. The years had gone by and with it the false hope given by them.

Hope is a peculiar thing.

It may be  beaten temporarily, but it cannot be kept down for too long. It monopolises your present attention and keeps it fixed on the promise of a bright future. Rarely if ever, does it learn from the failures of the past and takes on a new road. It believes that desire alone will transform the future into the land of your promised dreams, not realizing that unless you change something in your present, you are most likely going to land up in the same place in the future.

And so it was that she called me 178

for a reading that could point her in the right direction, wanting to know when she would get married and if at all she would. I explained to her that in seeking to be guided by a fortune teller she was actually looking for the answers in the wrong place. All answers eventually lie within ourselves. What is needed is someone who can point in the direction of our psyche, our inner universe and not the stars in the universe out there.

It’s easy to believe that our predicament is the result of

unsympathetic stars or a fault in our destinies, but is it so? Does it really help to let anyone other than yourself decipher the possibilities that exist in your stars? Can an astrologer delve into your internal universe to examine the memories and scars of the past that steer your choices and manifest your experiences? The magnet of the mind attracts to it that which lies deep within. And hence can there really be a singular destiny? Isn’t it possible that changing the magnet of the mind may attract a new force? In a world ruled by change acheter viagra isn’t fixating on a future cast in stone worthy of introspection?

If yes, then it is better to comprehend the reason why

this is happening to you so that you can be moved through insight to learning and eventually transform your desire. Sure karma could be the cause of the delay in marriage but karma is instructive and wants to teach you a superior way of looking at things.

If you have betrayed another in a past life

within the framework of marriage or a pact of togetherness it is possible your soul may choose to learn what alone-ness can feel like. If there is a vow of celibacy it could carry imprints of victimization or a spiritual command. Reliving the past through a past life regression could possibly throw up these answers.

And if your future is not carved in stone

but steered through the power of freewill, isn’t it more relevant to explore ways and means that can change your single status and alter your destiny? The deeply embedded programs in your subconscious mind that drive your mental conditioning could well be the reason why you are not getting married and this is where Belief Change Work comes in handy.

We tested which therapeutic modality could resolve her issue

and received confirmation that it was Belief Change Work that she required. Through cognitive therapy it was unraveled that when she was 12 years old her mother had visited a numerologist who told her that this girl would marry against the father’s wishes and it would bring on great ill health upon the father. Besides she too would not be happy in that alliance.

On further digging we discovered that she had interpreted

this to mean that she would possibly be attracted to someone who was financially not well off, and this would probably be the reason why her father would oppose the wedding. In the last ten years she was involved in two affairs and both men did not match her father’s financial position.

Through the belief work we discovered that

although her conscious mind wanted her to be happily married, she did not have permission from the subconscious mind to do so. Regardless of how much effort she makes to get married or what prayers she performs (that the astrologers have recommended), unless her subconscious mind, which is immensely more powerful than her conscious mind, grants her permission and changes the don’t get married program to it’s safe to be married software, she cannot reach the marriage altar.

Her current mental conditioning

was preventing her from getting married lest she fulfill the numerologists prophecy. It was the same program that attracted her to unsuitable prospects who clearly did not fit her conscious requirements of a husband. Associated with this veto marriage command was also the fear of displeasing her father and the guilt of making him ill.

Additionally there were also tell tale signs of deep trauma

to the inner child which became evident as she repeatedly referred to having a short memory and clearly seemed to have blanked out many childhood details. In the very first session hints of a much too controlling mother who seemed to have unknowingly damaged her will to be happy also emerged. Constant labeling and a derisive attitude towards the daughter seemed to have crushed her belief and ability to manifest happiness or to change unsatisfactory circumstances for the better.

Once the negative files associated with marriage

in her subconscious mind are successfully erased and replaced with empowering commands, the damage to her inner child healed and the belief in her own goodness revived, she will probably attract a more suitable suitor who is financially well of, mentally mature, is willing to take care of her and will capably steer their relationship towards fulfillment; aspects that her conscious mind is seeking from the conjugal relationship.

The next time you feel the urge to know what the future holds

for you, look within. Befriend your subconscious mind and heal the scars of the past so that you can live life as you consciously choose; and not as a puppet of your past.



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