Will I See My Past Unfolding Like a Movie During Regression?

It is rather rare for people to see

a past life as though they were viewing a film. Each person has his own unique way of perceiving or recalling a past life and so will you. Reports on individual perceptions vary vastly.

Some people relive past lives as

vivid pictures flashing through their minds, others see them as wispy fleeting images that all seem to connect up intuitively like in a dream, still others state that they have an auditory experience almost as though someone is narrating the story to them and then there are instances when a kind of inner awareness opens up and you simply know the storyline.

It’s best to simply allow your own natural style

to emerge without having any preconceptions about how the memories will awaken in you. Having a relaxed and open mind allows you to enter into regression more easily. The most important thing is to TRUST THE PROCESS.

Some people may be misguided because

they have seen television serials or movies in which a past life regression is portrayed as though one is literally watching a film. Please know that this is mere sensationalism since those mediums need to make a audiovisual portrayal.


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