Yes it’s loud and you are very clear.

So what are you still waiting for? Wondering where on earth you will find time to do all of this. Well, we could suggest you do it in your shower, your cars, and your trains. Do it while you wait in thetraffic.Doit when you pray (that is if you do really pray). Else do it when you hang out with friends. Convince them also that this is important. Do it when you walk or run on the treadmills or work out at gyms or visit parlors or salons. Do it when you dance or sing. You have all the time but alas you can’t see it. So start by just telling yourself, I know this is important. I am committed to making this change happen and then you are gently giving yourself permission to open the windows of your mind and see the possibilities simply coming your way not once but many times in a day.


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