You Taught me to Change Myself and See how Beautiful my Life Could Be.

How could I have lived in the dark for so many years?

And how could one meeting have changed it all for me?

One session with you and my life has changed.


I wanted to change the situations, the people and the circumstances around me.

But you taught me to change myself and then see how beautiful my life could be.

It all sounds so easy, but it’s not.

But you made it easy and simple for me.


When I came for the session, I felt it’s all so complicated, that even you will fail to understand it.

How wrong I was.


You solved it in hours.

I had thought I would just die with my circumstances.

But now I am in love with my life.

Each day I appear for an exam and wait for the report card.



I want to write about my case in detail soon,

Because I want the world to be benefited with your approach.

I want everyone to know, that the beauty of the lord is so near…


Prince Gera




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