Chapter 8: Your Experiences Reflect Your Inner Cosmos

IMG_0578Today we will explain to you the reason why we have been telling you constantly to go within and become more aware of yourselves.

Within each one of you exists an entire cosmos, a world created and sustained by you.

This world connects bio-energetically with your own mind – body ecology internally and with others through the electromagnetic resonances that you create when you come into contact with them either at a physical level or at the level of the mind (through the thoughts that you think).

So first we will clarify how your inner world affects your ecology, your internal biology.

Each thought that you think is electrically and etherically charged with a power to impact the world of creation and manifestations. So each and every belief that you grow up with as a result of your experiments with the world around you, results in certain spontaneous and fixed responses which over a period of repetitions become conditioned.

These conditioned responses have a bearing on what you experience through people around you. Your engagement with those people and experiences creates an internal culture or state of being that begins to determine how you think and feel in various situations. Before you are aware you codify these behaviours and become programmed to only behave in those ways, feel those things and create that internal environment for yourself.

Your experiences begin to alter your biology through the chemistry of your brain.

Based on your experiences your brain constantly fires instructions to your glands to secrete various chemicals. Your fixed ways of being creates your discomforts, diseases, internal unhappiness, and all those negative emotions that cause you to create an infected pool of unhappy viruses that corrupt your programs and cause a breakdown emotionally, mentally and physically. In some it takes the form of stress, in others depression and still others feel the physical impact of it in the form of blockages that cause disease.

It is sad to see how a flowering ecology is watered with the sewage of your creations and the potential of a blossoming garden becomes the rotting deathbed of scum. How we wish you could look within yourselves and see what it is that you have done to yourselves. How deeply you have scarred that which was to be loved and caressed and how you have destroyed the beauty and tranquillity of your internal garden. It is this place we want you to turn your gaze to and take it upon yourselves to clean up the scum and the debris of rot.

Take the time to clean up.

Clear the weeds, resurrect your garden and allow it once again to carry the blossom of divinity and hope. And as you create this new ecology within yourselves you will find that the vibrations that you emit to your external fields will suddenly start transforming. They will attract different responses from people and the transformations will be rapid, almost spontaneous. Your internal world merely creates your external reality. Clean up what lies within and suddenly you will wake up to a whole new world outside

This sounds very complicated.

No my child it’s actually very simple. As above so below, as within so without. All that you experience are mere reflections. They are your own images staring back at you. So whatever you see occurring outside of you is actually happening within you even though that is very hard for you to see or accept that.

So if I think my partner is stingy does that mean that I am stingy?

You got that absolutely right. Your partner is only mirroring what lies within you. We know that this is very difficult for you to accept because in your world you believe in the distinctness of all life and not the oneness. For if you could see the oneness you wouldn’t question this idea. It would just be so obvious to you all.

Yes this is kind of hard to digest.

You don’t have to take what we tell you to be the truth. Test it out. Experiment with it. And only if it satisfies you accept what we have to say. To become your reality it must live up to your understanding and test. If it does not, you can discard it. But we will urge you to at least test its validity. You might be very surprised with what you see.

I guess that’s fair. So how do I test out this theory?

Find the one thing that you want to change about someone close to you, your wife, your child, your father, anyone. Ideally choose the aspect that really bothers you and see if you are willing to try not doing that very thing that the other does and which upsets you. So let’s say you hate your wife nagging you about watching the sports channel. Now look for the areas in your life when you nag your wife about something. If you feel comfortable enough you may even seek her help and ask her if there is anything that she feels you nag her about.

 You may find, as a complete revelation, that she feels you really nag her about leaving the car keys at the patio . Now you might reason that that’s hardly the place to leave the car keys, but it’s not the logic you want to debate in this experiment. You only want to focus on the way of being and not the incidents and the reasoning behind it.

So if nagging is the way of being that you want her to change, commit to yourself that for the next ten days you will not nag her about leaving the car keys at the patio. And guess what, if you do the experiment honestly, you might find that your wife suddenly stops nagging you and even remembers to bring the car keys in, to the kitchen counter. And suddenly things may just be so much more pleasant between you two. And all because you chose to change your way of being and in doing that something magically transformed in your wife.Understand THAT IS  the power you have.

You can change the energy of the world around you simply by going within you .

 Unfortunately all this while, you have been trying to shift and change all the levers outside of you, with little or no result, not realising that the lever actually lies within you. With one swift, deft movement you can change your reality. That’s all it takes. Now that is really simple. If you only do it as it’s meant to be done. Right?

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.

Photo credit: Esha Singh


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