12.12.12 Night Meditation Messages

Those who sat in meditation tonight became the receptacles of the new energy in varying degrees based on their ability to hold those vibrations. How many of you felt the burning hands and flushed faces, the vibrations and currents flowing through your body, the rebalancing and popping of the inner ears, the sense of floating or flying? Know that these were the attunements that were occurring in your energy bodies.

A prayer for all Light workers was also transmitted:

Oh Lord!

Allow me to be the beacon of your Light

The Light that holds no significance of its own

The Light that is merely concerned

 With the Source of its origin

And the point it must reach

 In order to bring Light to it.

Allow to me to be that Light

 Oh Lord.

Individual message for Dana

Dana your soul mind fused in during the meditation. I’m not sure if you could join in the meditation but clearly your desire and intent was strong. It appeared there was some deep subconscious question in your mind seeking an answer. I don’t know what the question was, but the answer or message received for you is this;

Be like the vagabond

It never settles in one place

But continues to travel and move on


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