12.12.2012 Meditate in your Homes Tonite

Today is an important day for the energetic shifts of the planet.

All you who are aware of the shift in conciousness and Earth changes, know that the shift is operative since yesterday. This was communicated in the channeled message from the masters and the entire message is provided under Chapter 14 of the December 2012 Earth shift. 

Some of you may have noticed that the level of disturbing mental activity has increased. This is most evident in your meditations and you may have discovered streams of thoughts fleeting through and disturbing your meditations since yesterday. This is part of the changes occuring during the shift.

The masters have referred to the Hara point for identifying your peace.

This is of great importance. The hara point is the  gateway of conciousness and represents the key portal. It is the point of deportment through which your conciousness enters and exits your body. It is the point that is used for transdimensional travel. It is the point through which the elevation in conciousness will occur. So practise bringing your awareness to this point as instructed by the masters in chapter 14.

Please do come together tonite at 10 pm IST in your respective homes.

Through the power of your stillness in meditation you can help to centre the collective conciousness tonite and hold up the web of light powerfully enough to include in it, all those who may not be aware of these changes or those who unknowingly may still be in the dark.

Please do this for the love of your fellowman and for humanity.

Pray for the well being of your family, friends, neighbours and related communities such as your children’s teachers or other organisations that you support. Each person meditating supports thousands of others who don’t. So know that your efforts and meditations are greatly helping all, even those, who you may not know personally.

I thank all of you for your endless love and compassion. May the Light be forever yours. Much Love. Suzy


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