2. Karma of Seva (service)

She spends several hours each day making sure the gates are locked & everyone is safe. She has no reason to do this except to make sure we are all safe. You see, no one helped her parents when their house was robbed some years ago. They suffered the trauma alone, because no one had volunteered to make their colony safe.


But now she makes sure no one ever has to suffer that fate again. She relentlessly organises everything needed to make our colony safe. She drives the security initiative, from managing the security systems, supervising the guards, visiting the elderly in the colony and even attending to the troublemaking elements, sometimes in the middle of the night…for no personal benefit at all.

She inspires me to be selfless, to put others needs before my own. She symbolises courage in the face of personal storms. She makes me realise one single individual can make a difference to so many homes. If she didn’t #careforkarma, would she have made such an enormous difference? Instead of brooding & complaining about what happened to her parents in the past, she directed her pain to protect us all.

I marvel at her power. I am overwhelmed with how much her #careforkarma makes us feel safe and at home in this colony of ours.
If you know of people who touch your heart with their little acts of kindness, #careforkarma and share their stories with us to make our world a kinder & more inspiring place.


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