28. Recurring Financial Losses

The rage of injustice was consuming his mind

and creeping upon his sanity. Even his meditation practice was disturbed by thoughts of how to settle the scores and fix the money problem, but though his inner turmoil was compelling him to do something about it, he felt helpless. All he could say to me was, help me overcome my mind.

This wasn’t the first time that someone IMG_1791

had not paid him for his services. In fact, it was a recurring pattern in his life. Over the past few weeks he had recounted several occasions when he had been cheated and let down financially in his business transactions in the past, and each time the losses had only increased. Now, it was happening to him yet again.

There is a lesson these experiences are

trying to teach you, I mentioned, but he looked blank. What kind of lesson?

Your soul needs to overcome some limiting pattern

that you carry in your ancient memory from perhaps another life. It is that which you must overcome to break this pattern, for until you do so you shall continue to attract this lesson and will keep losing money.

As we traveled down his conscious memory lane

we discovered that he had always had trouble asking for money. Whether it was asking his father for pocket money as a teenager or his commission from clients when he entered the family business, he couldn’t get himself to ask.

What could happen if you asked for money, I probed.

It would be of no use asking, he replied wryly, I wouldn’t get it anyway. To a therapists mind, this was a dead giveaway.

As I guided him through a deep meditative trance

to the very first instance when he felt it was no use asking because he wouldn’t receive the money anyway, he found himself in a life as a poor farmer. The crops had failed due to poor rains and his family was starving. However, even in those terrible circumstances he could not move himself to ask anyone in the village for assistance.

When his wife impressed upon him,

he simply refused saying that asking would only fetch him pitiless, nasty words and punishment and saying so, he chose to suffer the hunger and starvation instead. Clearly the roots of this issue lay someplace deeper.

On guiding him further back

he found himself in another life as a slave. He saw himself going to his employer – the seth – to ask for money for his sick child where he was insulted and punished for daring to ask. On appealing and beseeching that he needed the money to fend for his sick child he was rudely spurned and told… let your child die, I don’t care.

Thereafter the seth had instructed his henchmen

to flog him with whips and a beaten slave formed a postulate, a deep seated belief that got imprinted in his soul mind that he would never ask for money because he would never get it anyway and only be viagra online cheap punished for it.

Through therapeutic healing he was able to

erase that imprint which gave him the freedom to once again ask for what was rightfully due to him. Through continuous breath-work he was able to dissolve the somatic memory of that punishment stored in his back and left leg and once the pain was fully dissolved he was able to reclaim the freedom, right and power to ask for his dues.

As he traveled back along his timeline

having changed his history and healed the trauma of that painful past, he now saw a different scene. Revisiting his farmer life he recognized that he now had the power to ask for repayment of loans taken from him earlier and that brought much needed financial relief during his time of crisis. He also found the courage to drag the one debtor who refused to return his money to the village panchayat and receive justice.

Arriving in his present life he saw that

he could ask his father for pocket money with ease as a teenager and when refused, he flatly told his father that he would end up doing something wrong if his father did not help him out, upon which his father consented.

Addressing his present predicament he

unraveled a complete plan of action that he could now undertake to try and reclaim what was rightfully owed to him. Rudra emerged from meditation feeling moved and empowered at his new-found strength and capability. He had successfully renovated his history and found new courage.

Often shut down commands from a past life

can limit your power and potential. In such cases the soul willfully designs challenges and attracts situations that can help it to remedy the past and conquer these limitations and blocks. Rudra had done just that and had overcome a deeply ingrained belief which had shackled his freedom and put him through penury and pain through many lives.

He was now free to receive all the riches

from the universe by practicing and putting to action his newly reclaimed power.




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