4. Karma of Courage

Struggle was her middle name. She had strived to be seen and heard even as a child but years later when she was married into a highly educated family, she was often humiliated and criticized. After all she wasn’t highly educated like the rest of her relatives. The constant humiliation did not break her spirit but something else did. One day, a strange twist of fate, did her in. She was poisoned by the maid who stole her gold chain and it was a miracle that she even survived.


Unknown to her, she was pregnant with her second child at that time. After nine long months her daughter was born, only to die. No longer strong enough to bear the loss of her second-born child, she contemplated suicide. But just one breath short of it, she heard her two year old son knock on her door and he said, mama open the door …please… I love you. Somehow, even death it seemed had rejected her then & for a second time she survived the call of mortality. For the love of her child she gave up the idea of suicide entirely.

But her struggles didn’t end there. At 25, she looked like a worn out woman of 50. Her health kept failing, and emotionally she became very fragile. Until one day when she heard her husband’s colleagues sympathising amongst themselves about his poor destiny at a party. They lamented the fact that he was stuck with her for all his life.

That’s when the phoenix rose. She brushed her fears aside & in each breath she reconstructed her whole life. She wrote, she trained, she ran and lost weight. She took brave steps each day to transform her miserable life. She started taking interest in her health and slowly realised that her passion lay in wellness. When her family moved to UK, she applied for a professional course to become a personal trainer and did many courses in nutrition too. She qualified as a group instructor in Aerobics and the rest was history.

Today she is a Personal trainer, Life style coach, Eating psychology coach and a Wellness Practitioner. She has come a long way from being the victim she was in her earlier years. Her courage inspires me. She could have chosen to be miserable but her #careforkarma made her face her life challenges bravely. Through her determination and will, she mastered her soul’s lessons and turned a new leaf.

Her life shows us not to silently bear insult and defeat but to face our fears, act and overcome these. She is a true #karmachanger and she really motivates me to uncover my fears and face them bravely.
What’s your story? Write to me and share your powerful experiences of personal victory.


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