5. Karma of Responsible Choice

Pubs, girls and parties were all he cared about. He hoped they would fill the emptiness in his life and mask the feelings of unworthiness that he so often felt inside. With each passing day his life seemed more and more futile. No one in his family as much as noticed him, and even though the girls came and went, life seemed so meaningless. Not knowing what else to do, he did what he least expected himself to. He booked an appointment with a spiritual mentor that a friend had referred him to.

She introduced him to a way of life he had never heard of before. It all seemed so different, but he was willing to explore. He listened carefully, soaking up every word. Then he put it all into practice, working diligently each day and reforming his ways. He was an able student, unlike many.

He started doing things differently. Instead of pubs and girls, he embraced focus at work, prayers and community service. He helped his family by fetching vegetables and groceries, offered his time and service at the local Gurudwara in the evenings, took on additional workload at office to strengthen his capabilities and even massaged his ageing father’s feet before retiring to bed, late in the evenings.


In time things began turning around. His family started looking up to him for suggestions and advice. In less than three months, he became the emotional anchor of the family. Whenever there was a conflict, everyone sought his intervention and guidance. So many things began to change each day. The deposits in his bank swelled, he felt more peaceful and became more confident at office and social interactions. But as he grew more peaceful within, the restlessness in his environment bothered him, and one day, he contemplated leaving home to go away.

That’s when his mentor advised him to initiate all his family members into the practice of daily prayer and service. Sometimes the family karma needs to be worked through together, she told him. Stay at home and work lovingly with your family. Instead of letting them disturb you, try to support their transformation as well, he was reminded.

As always, he did as he was told, and engaged his family in the karma of daily prayer. But then something really strange happened. The brother lost his job unexpectedly, within ten days of starting the prayers. They were all plunged into despair. Perplexed with this undesirable turn of events, they thought that perhaps the prayers hadn’t suit them. Even though they were really confused, they did not stop doing the daily prayers.

Ten days later a miracle happened. The brother was placed in better company at a higher designation and twice the previous package. That’s when they all realised that the power of prayer protects and guides in unseen and unknown ways. They understood that one is always protected and safe when you have faith, even though it may not seem that way to the limited perception in the human brain.

This young boy transformed not just his own life but that of his brother’s too. It was his #careforkarma that turned a wasted life into a joyfilled one that he now wakes up to each day. I am so inspired by his steely determination to find a better way. It isn’t easy to act in responsible ways day after day. To give up the lure of young pleasures for lasting peace and happiness is indeed the #karma of responsible choice. This young man is a beacon of hope for those who are lost in the maze of a glamorous life that looks really attractive but never really fulfills its promise or satisfies.

If you know of people who have given up the easy but painful path for the harder, more rewarding one, share those marvelous tales today. Send me your #inspiring stories at suzyhealsme@gmail.com or simply inbox me on this page. Let us all choose to be inspired by these powerful #karmayogis of today.


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