5 Psychic Effects Of Drinking Alcohol

1. Activation of the sub 200 emotions on the Map of Consciousness:

When you consume alcohol, the controlling effect of the conscious mind blurs, activating the various negative emotions such as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anger and pride in their various shades. These are listed below the 200 level on the David Hawkins Map of Human Consciousness. This fascinating map profiles the entire human condition, allowing a comprehensive analysis of the emotional and spiritual development of individuals. What happens under the effect of alcohol is that the voices of your unresolved conflicts grow louder, escalating your emotionality and fears. All those carefully disguised inner conflicts and personality complexes begin to surface as your brain chemistry alters under the influence of alcohol and inhibitions & boundaries dissolve. These unguarded negative emotions make you feel more vulnerable and they amplify your fears. The result? Cracks in your aura and lowered psychic immunity that increases the chances of attacks from the unseen world of non-human life-forms and spirits.

2. Entrainment of drinking spirits:

When you relish your drink, you broadcast the drinking-is-pleasurable frequency into the universe attracting discarnate spirits who crave for alcohol and are constantly on the hunt for a human host with similar tastes. We are surrounded by the dead, who live as minds-without-bodies in the astral plane (the middle world between incarnates and souls, that the Buddhists describe as the Bardo). These discarnate spirits look for humans they can attach to, with the intention of fulfilling their cravings, desires and vices. Resonating with your drinking desires, they entrain into your frequency and like birds of a feather, they flock to you. Attaching and nesting in you, they make merry by using your body and mind. They urge you to keep drinking so that they can get their daily share. This is one reason why it is so hard for addicts to kick the habit. De-addiction can be made so much easier if these drinking spirits are released first.


3. Epigenetic influences triggered:

Our forefathers habits, strengths and weakness’s embody our epigenes. These lie silently in us until we trigger and command them to turn on through our experiences, behavior and choices. By choosing to consume alcohol, we switch on our ancestors addictive tendencies in us. Overtaken by the collective desire of the various wine lovers in our family tree, we make it harder for ourselves and our future generations to disentangle from this craving. We take on our father’s sins and perpetuate them further, strengthening not only our weakness for alcohol, but setting our kids up for addictive tendencies too.

4. Loss of awareness and psychic self defence:

The effect of alcohol on our biochemistry causes confusion and misalignment of our subtle bodies & chakras. It also blocks the flow of energy in our meridians. This can be felt as body tremors, slurred speech, disorientation and an overwhelming desire to sleep after excessive consumption. When in this state you are a delight for spirit mischief makers who can take over your body and manipulate your thoughts, speech and actions. A fair amount of damage can be enacted through you by these malevolent spirits in this condition. Since awareness is greatly weakened, you are unable to detect their attack, entry, takeover, or the possession of your consciousness.

5. Inadvertent & uncontrolled out-of-body experiences:

The state of high you feel that results from a chemically induced expansion of consciousness can often propel your soul out of the body, leaving your subtle bodies unattended and unprotected. Add to this the errant travels through uncharted territory by your ejected soul, which is ill equipped to navigate such unfamiliar terrains or the super natural entities you might encounter along the way, and you have a fair idea of the mess you can land yourself in. If you wish to avoid such unpleasant experiences, it may be wiser for you to simply stay away from your friendly fix.

It might interest you to know that intoxication was frequently used as a passage through the realms of existance by shamans who often travelled to the other side, to retrieve both knowledge and stolen souls. It is best avoided by amateurs or those inexperienced in occult sciences.
Inebriation or the temporary loss of consciousness is dangerous for your psychic health. If you are not a shaman, you should choose to experience it only with the greatest of caution and care.


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