5 Reasons Why You May Still Be Unmarried

Have you ever checked out of a romantic relation only because you were uncomfortable with the idea of marriage? Or postponed it endlessly in favour of higher qualifications and better career prospects? And now when you are finally feeling ready to settle down, do you feel there are just no suitable prospects? Chances are you are attracting this experience of remaining single because of some deeper issues in your subconscious. If any of the above applies to you, you may just be suffering from Gamophobia or fear of marriage.


If you are a woman faced with this dilemma, the following reasons may be responsible for your single status.


In families where the father died when the girl child was still very young, the child may grow up with unresolved complex emotions connected to his passing away prematurely. These emotions can range from feeling angry, helpless or betrayed by the father for having left her alone to fend for herself. Since these emotions lie repressed in the subconscious mind there may be no cognitive awareness of these feelings. However, deep within, the fear of being abandoned by the very man you love so dearly can keep you from ever getting married. There may also be associated mental programs or beliefs such as he will leave me and go away, or he will betray me. Thus, avoiding marriage becomes a coping mechanism to protect yourself from imagined future pain projected from early childhood experiences.


If you have ever had your personal space abused as a child either through inappropriate touching, fondling and groping or have been forced to touch other people’s private parts, you may have deep rooted fears associated with marriage and intimacy. What inevitably makes matters worse in such cases is the additional burden of guilt and shame that accompanies such experiences. The dread of having to engage in intimacy after marriage makes them avoid marriage as a protection against the trauma and pain of those past memories.

Interestingly, in a large majority of cases the abuse is inflicted upon by close relatives and other dependable people in the extended family environment. This makes trust, even in the closest relationships, a big challenge. Further it makes it almost impossible for the child to reveal or share this information with her parents because of the shame and self hatred accompanying the experience.

Often these experiences are pushed so deep into the unconscious mind that there may not even remember that such a thing ever happened to them and surface only under hypnosis. If you suspect or know that something of this nature may ever have happened with you, it is important that you meet a healthcare professional or therapist to help you unearth that memory and heal the trauma associated with it.


In cases where the girl child has seen a violent father physically hitting her mother or observed her mother suffer extensively because of the fathers extra marital affairs, she may empathically absorb her mother’s suffering and pain and this resonance may prevent her from getting married as she may fear that she will suffer the same fate. Removing these fears and beliefs can clear the mental roadblocks that may keep her from attracting a suitable prospective.


If death in a previous life was caused as a consequence of marriage, the trauma of that experience may still be embedded in your cellular memory and can keep you miles away from marriage in this lifetime. This includes cases of being burnt by in laws or, being killed by your husband because he was in love with another woman. Often such cases also carry powerful shut down commands such as I will never trust a man again or I will never make the mistake of getting married. These are usually dying thoughts from that past life. Since the emotional energy accompanying these experiences is immense these emotions and thoughts remain trapped as somatic charges in the consciousness and can be released only when the soul is reborn in a new body. Bodywork, Past Life Regression, Breathwork and Energy Psychology techniques are powerful ways of finding freedom from these past life commands.


Vows to remain celibate, taken in a past life, can spill over into your present life. These may cause a person to be uninterested, aloof or disdainful about marriage in general, without having any particular trigger or reason to feel this way in her present life. Such people may be more inclined towards spirituality or religious practices. They may develop a distorted view towards marriage and selectively fixate their attention on the idea that anyway, most marriages don’t work out, imagining divorce to be the only outcome of matrimony. Or they may hold erroneous beliefs such as marriage will prevent me from fulfilling my life’s purpose. Releasing these kinds of celibacy vows and anti marriage beliefs can change the law of attraction that is set up by these thoughts and suddenly bring prospective mates into your life.
All the above have been distilled from my cases files






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