6. Why We Need To #careforkarma

Karma or the law of compensation and balance is a unique cosmic feedback system. It allows humans to receive what they give out or express, with the sole purpose of experiencing their own consciousness and consequently, raising it to become more at peace and joy within ourselves. For example, when I am controlling someone, it is impossible for me to know what the person being controlled is feeling. And so, the karma system gives me the opportunity in another life to be controlled by someone else. This way I can know what it feels like to be controlled, and consequently, i can choose to purify, refine and evolve my consciousness.


The consequence of Karma must not be perceived as punishment but rather, as a feedback for the purpose of our own progress. The following case illustrates how #karma works, and why #careforkarma is so important for our evolution.

From childhood this man suffered at the hands of his dictatorial father who always told him he would amount to nothing. The relationship with his dad was one of fear and contempt. As he grew up, life brought him more pain at the hands of other boys and men. He was sodomised several times, and ridiculed by his friends. Years later he even lost his son in an accident. At work, success was always snatched away from him, even when it seemed, it was almost in his hand.
It appeared as though authority and power were evading him. Interestingly what also came to light was that he was extremely class conscious. Born into an ostensibly higher class, he treated his in-laws with complete disregard, believing they were not his equals, and hence not deserving of his love and respect.

While working on his Thyroid gland dysfunction, which incidentally is the seat of the higher will, truth and expression, we came upon a pivotal past life of his in which he was a king. During that life he had misused his power to conquer kingdoms mindlessly, subjugating people and forcing them to bend to his laws. Delving deeper into his cruel behavior in that life, we discovered he had a deep fear that if he did not conquer others, he would be conquered and made to die a terrible death. Fear filled his heart with hatred and he expressed this hatred through out that life.

His present life has ensured that he is subjected to pain, abuse, shame and dishonor, just as he caused to others in that royal life. Success evades him because he has not learnt to use his power responsibly. The sense of superiority and class consciousness are tendencies that he has brought forth from that life.

By choosing to #careforkarma he can transform his present life. He has the opportunity to heal the consciousness of fear and pride by changing his karma towards his in-laws, and treating them with love and respect. (Remember that hatred is merely the absence of love.) Once he he made this victory over his personal weakness, he can use his power more responsibly at work and be more caring about his subordinates and colleagues.

Recognising this deep truth and knowing that using power responsibly is indeed a core soul lesson in this present life, he has chosen to invite his in-laws over on this weekend and has decided to engage with them in an attitude of service, love and respect.

His willingness to accept his limiting perceptions and reform them, touches my heart deeply. It inspires me to be more accepting of my own faults so I can change for the better and become a more thoughtful, understanding and loving person.

If you have challenged and overcome some limiting perceptions to become a more loving and caring person, share your story with me so that others can be motivated and inspired by you. Simply mail me your story at suzyhealsme@gmail.com or inbox me on this page. Let us contribute our life’s experiences to fill our world with hope and make it a more loving place. Know also that when we care for our #personalkarma, we transform the #planetarykarma of our earth too, who is heaving under the collective burden of our mistakes.

Pic courtesy: Kali Billimoria


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