7 Aspects Of Self Love

Q: How one can love himself or herself? What is the correct direction or path to love our-self, won’t loving our-self create a false ego?

A: When you love yourself you are

transported to a state of stable inner calm and joy whereas when you love your ego you experience extreme emotions that rise and fall sharply. All extremes are linked to the ego mind whereas balance is a sign of the true self which is what you must feed when you want to intensify your self love.

Self love allows you to accept yourself

just as you are by celebrating your strengths and nurturing the areas that need growth. It does not permit self criticism or feelings of not being good enough because these are always triggered by the ego mind.

You learn to love yourself by engaging

in activities that make you feel good about yourself and help you break out of the prison of time. Fulfilling your dreams, pursuing your creative passions, spending time on hobbies or areas of interest, building and refining your creative talents are all ways in which you learn to appreciate and celebrate yourself.

Loving yourself makes you a happier

person to be around because these activities inspire you and fill you with positive energy that  radiates all around and attracts people to you because it is warm and comforting.

Self love fulfills you, balances you,

brings attention to the Now Time, makes you resilient to criticisms, inspires you, liberates you and makes you free of insecurities. These are discussed in detail in the chart given below.

If you want to be sure that you are

indeed following the path of self love and not getting drawn into the subtle maze of the ego mind, the chart given below will help you to differentiate clearly between activities and behaviors that promote self love as opposed to those that falsely boost your ego.

7 aspects of self love


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