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Suzy Singh (CHt)

is a New Delhi based Therapist of the Subconscious Mind. She has spent over three decades exploring consciousness and has extensive clinical experience in multidisciplinary approaches to Vibrational Healing & Energy Medicine. She helps people heal their mental, emotional & spiritual challenges by bringing to the surface, the source of their unconscious troubles and traumas. By assisting her clients to identify and heal their repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and recurring behavioral patterns, she is able to effect changes in their psyche, catalyzing their transformation. 

Suzy is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with advanced training in hypnotic techniques from the California Hypnosis Institute. She is also a certified Regression Therapist. She provides personal coaching, therapy, counselling & spiritual guidance to her Indian and International clients on mental health, emotional well-being, relationship conflicts, career issues,  and  spiritual blocks. She also facilitates and conducts workshops on a range of topics.

Suzy is the Author of the recently released bestselling book 7 Karma Codes:Heal the Storm Within. Her articles on mental health,  suicide prevention, depression, healing, consciousness and wellness are widely published in reputed Indian & International magazines and websites. She is also a contributing author on the subject of Healing through Hypnosis in the Amazon bestseller, Holistic Wellness in the New Age.

Committed to the cause of restoring emotional calm and better mental health among all, Suzy has participated at various expert panel discussions on TV, Health Summits, and other Media.She was a speaker at the Mindful Leadership Summit India, 2017, and strongly believes that a conscious approach to leadership is the need of the hour today. Suzy writes for various publications on Wellness and Spirituality, including Life Positive Magazine, Speaking Tree – Times of India, BW Business World and Complete Wellbeing

After eighteen years in Corporate India, Suzy gave up a fulfilling career in advertising in 1998 to focus on her passion and soul purpose, to help in healing the personal and collective consciousness on the planet. She brings the rigor, discipline and professionalism of the corporate world to her approach to healing and therapy.

As part of her skill development and continuing education, Suzy has trained with several International Experts through workshops and seminars including;

Adrian Finkelstein(California), Rapid Hypnotic Inductions & use of Selective Amnesia in Regression, 2013

Andy Tomlinson (UK), Body Therapy, 2012

Dr. Newton Kondaveti (India), Past Life Regression, 2008

Dr. Prabhat Poddar(India), Vaastu, 1998

Kerry Press (Australia), Feng Shui,1998

Julianne Cutler(Victoria), Applied Kinesiology, 1998.

Kathryn Anderson (USA) and Gisele King (USA), Teachers Training in Magnified Healing1998.

Dr Warren Stagg (USA), Celestine Prophecy awareness development workshop, 1997.

Her initiation into consciousness studies was nurtured by many elevated masters and mystical experiences, including a fatal car crash and near death experience in 1999Suzy has been deeply influenced by the works of Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mira Alfassa. In her early years she received direct training and instruction from Swami Parthasarthy in Vedanta Studies, Gita and Upanishads, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living) in Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation techniques. She carries the DNA strand of the ascended Masters Guru Nanak Dev from her maternal ancestors and the gene of Guru Amardas from her paternal lineage.

Her purpose is to make a difference to the lives of over ten million people on the planet by helping them give up their limiting patterns and embrace personal responsibility to create peace and love in their lives.


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