07. Missed Menses – Amenorrhea

Radhika was a long case client and had been

undergoing therapy with me for some time to overcome some deep seated afflictions. During one of her visits she mentioned that she had not had her menstrual cycle for a little over three months and wanted to explore if alternative healing could resolve this issue.

During the intake discussions it struck me that

approximately three months ago during a session with her, we had unraveled a deep subconscious yearning in Radhika’s heart to be loved by someone special who would be willing to partake of her life and share all her joys and pains. Although she was not in a relationship, but whenever she saw others who were, this desire would bubble up in her. She was 19 years old and it was most normal for her to feel this way.

Given her historical background of special

learning needs, she held an apprehension in her heart about whether she would indeed be fortunate enough to experience love and conjugal bliss in her life. In that earlier session when this desire had emerged, Radhika had been guided to allow that bud of yearning to wait for the perfect time to blossom. When the perfect time and the perfect person arrived in her life, this bud would naturally bloom into a fragrant and colourful flower.

On going through her records I found

that it was indeed three months since that session. Had Radhika’s subconscious mind chosen to halt the symbolic flow of her feminity in waiting for the perfect time to arrive by stopping her menstrual period?

A combination of magnetic hand passes

and Reiki touch therapy along with guided chakra meditation was employed to induce a trance state. Dousing confirmed that her Swadhisthana Chakra was completely blocked and this was also impacting both her root chakra below and the Manipura chakra above.  It is the swadisthana or sacral chakra that governs the sexual organs and any dysfunction here impacts the body’s natural functioning.

 All her chakras were balanced and once she was in

a deep enough level of trance Radhika was guided to engage in Body talk and speak to the intelligence in the cells of her sexual organs. They were requested to restore the natural order in her body. Suggestions were placed in her subconscious mind that in waiting for the special person and experiencing the bliss of love she need not stop the feminine flow of her body. Affirmations were also spoken aloud with her during the trance state that created an acceptance of her gender and allowed her to experience her feminine side naturally and completely.

During this entire period Reiki healing was administered

at the sacral and heart chakras to re-balance and activate the hormonal system and generate acceptance.  The thymus thump was used to stimulate all the glands in her body. Thereafter, in dialogue with the cells once again, the question was asked as to how many days the body would need to realign and when the menstrual flow would be re-established. The body intelligence indicated that the flow would be resumed on the 20th of that month which was exactly seven days later.

Radhika went for an ultrasound and medical examination

subsequent to this session and all reports were normal. The gynaecologist could not find any medical aberration or reason for the missed periods. On the 23rd of that month, three days after the predicted date, Radhika called to inform that she had started her menstrual period.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality


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