Another Man’s Storm

I watch the storm
Ravage his mind
And feel the whip lash
Of that turbulent wind
Envelop everything
In its destructive radius

Simla fog

Every man must heal his own storm

Breathe now
I whisper
To his mind
It won’t leave you
Until you choose
To move away
To a better place
Of stillness

He glares,
Embers burning bright
As the wind rouses his flames
His mind retaliates to say
I don’t need stillness
I want to burn
In this anger
I want to savour
This pain

With a prayer in my heart
I walk away from his storm
Knowing that no matter how much one may wish to help another
Every man must find his own cover
Every man must ache to see the sun
Every man must awaken to the truth
That can rescue him from his inner storm

And Until then
All we can do
Is to give them our compassion
And pray their suffering may end
So that all tumultuous debates in their mind
May settle
Into the tranquil light of knowing



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