Ascension Signs – Is Your Frequency Increasing?

1. Nausea- particularly early mornings without any apparent or logical reason. Drinking more water helps. This is caused by the breakdown of old cellular patterns and elimination of the protein wastes generated in the process.

2.Increased Thirst- the body needs more water to flush out toxins and detox. Also higher vibrations can enter the body more easily if it is well hydrated.

3. Unexplained Headaches – these can sometimes be fairly severe. The old body is not accustomed to the higher frequencies and acclimatising to them can cause these pains which eventually pass as the body adapts. Painkillers usually have no effect on these pains and do not help to ease them.

4. Spontaneous cathartic release and past lives recall – during meditation and dream states such releases may occur to allow old blocks to be released and to facilitate cleansing of old residues.

5. Spontaneous jerking or movement of body parts – Don’t panic! This is merely the new frequency  settling into the body. As the body trains and sensitizes itself to this frequency these movements will reduce and eventually stop.

6. Hot Flushes – you may have a feeling of burning up inside of you even in cool climates.

7. Shift to a Natural Diet – Spontaneous urge to eat higher vibrational food that is less spicy, less pungent, less acidic and vegetarian.

8. Preference for comfort dressing – You may increasingly prefer loose and comfortable dresses and choose not to dress for fashion. Also you might be more drawn to natural fabrics such as cottons and silks and crepes.

9. Involuntary muscle twitching.

10. Heightened sensitivity to odors and smells.

11. Tingling Sensations – You probably feel this in different parts of your body at different times accompanied by occasional goose bumps. It almost feels as if each cell is waking up to a new awareness.

12. Body Aches – the entire musculature of the body appears to hurt as if it is being redesigned.

13. Decreased appetite.

14. Need for solitude – You may intuitively want to have more private time and personal space. This is a natural urge that is calling your attention so you can have the sacred space so essential for doing the inner work and healing yourself.

15. Sudden shifts in relationships and careers – This is accelerated cleansing and those of you who are ready to embrace the shift are experiencing it so that people, places and environments that are not conducive to your growth can be removed and you can move to the fast track. If you are facing these issues know that it is a favorable sign and that you are ready for bigger better and more soulful endeavors.

16. Wanting to be close to nature – you may want to spend more time in close proximity to nature. Taking walks in the park, feeling the wet grass under your bare feet, gazing at flowers, watching the bees hum and the sunset may become your favorite ways of unwinding.
7. Faster manifestation of thoughts and spoken words – If you have been having some or most of the above symptoms for a length of time now you may have noticed that your thoughts and words are manifesting with amazing speed. If this is so; it is most important that you be aware of your thoughts and practice only deliberate thinking. Thinking only those things which you wish to manifest.

18. Urgency to know your life purpose – you may find yourself wondering why you are here and what your real purpose is, what it is that you must do or complete. A sense that there is more to your life than is currently visible or known.

19. Popping ears – sudden popping sounds and vibrations in the ears during meditation or restful states. This indicates that the pineal gland is being activated.

20. Astral travel – Feeling that you have been to various planes of existence during your dream state and knowing that these are no ordinary dreams but far more real and lucid.



One Comment

  1. Vinay Jha says:

    OMG! are these signs of something?
    i don’t know what is ascension but i have been observing some of these in me for last few years. appreciate your detail description on Dos and Donts, like if thoughts get manifested i should take care of them…and i literally feel and know that i visit different worlds in dreams and actually live a complete life with identities that do not match with what i see after i wake up…sometimes that even confuses me. it makes me think which one is true or may be none of them is true. who knows this life could be a dream i’m living as vinay but when i get up i could be somebody else….how many such layers of illusions exists?
    …and who is this dreamer?

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