Knee pain healed in session with Suzy Singh

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15. Career anxiety

Srini came to me hoping to find relief from the continuous and almost obsessive anxiety he was facing with regards to his job situation. The company was retrenching people and he was worried about being asked to leave. Being the sole bread earner in the family he was anxious about the loss in income, the break in service, the erosion of his morale and self confidence and all the hardship associated with losing one’s job. He had a persistent discomfort in the pit of his stomach that caused him frequent headaches and he had recently developed an uncontrollable itch all over his body which...

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My Holy Trinity

The Lord says that each one of us has three ascended masters who guide our spiritual awakening through our incarnate existence. The first manifests when we have deeply and firmly committed ourselves to the divine path. The second master presents himself when the serious inner work is commenced and sufficient progress has been made by establishing a strong discipline of spiritual practice. And the third master manifests when having cleansed our vessel and made it use worthy for divine service, when we are close to completing our inner work, and are willing to fully and completely surrender...

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Stirrings Of My Soul Shared With You 2

   Often we wonder if that little voice matters, if we ought to listen to its whispers and change or plans and decisions. Those are the times that God speaks to us and sadly we ignore it.   A life without purpose is like slow death. A Life without passion is like being comatose. Seek purpose, pursue it with passion and you will heal all the evils in your life.   As long as we look the other way and pretend our demons don’t exist they play up more powerfully wanting to be acknowledged.Love and acceptance tames the most powerful demons  including those within us. Are you...

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7. Forgiveness Prayer

This is a powerful Buddhist prayer of Forgiveness. If you are hurting or have hurt someone else, this prayer can help you overcome the pain and set yourself free.   Dear Lord, If I have harmed anyone in anyway either knowingly or unknowingly through my own confusions I ask for their forgiveness now.   If anyone has harmed me in anyway either knowingly or unknowingly through their own confusions I forgive them in this moment.   And if there is a situation I am not yet ready to forgive I now forgive myself.   For all the ways I harm myself negate, doubt, belittle...

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