Body Shaming Hurts Men Too

It’s a myth that only women suffer from body shaming & not men. The assumption driving this belief is that men care only about career shaming, about where one works, how much one earns & the symbols of success one flaunts. In an Instagram and snapchat driven world, where edited selfies & perfect faces drive desire, male beauty is more prominent than ever. The truth that unfolds in my clinical research is that men worry as much about their bodies as women. Some of the issues that cause them immense worry include; 1. Male breasts & the need to hide them. This...

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Depression – Life Positive, December 2016

Click on the hyperlink below to view article How therapy helped a young girl experiencing depression.

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Mind Reading – Life Positive, October 2016

Click on the hyperlink below to read article Communicating with a Comatose patient

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How to Rise Above Pain?

Last night in my dream state, it dawned on me that both the ‘experiencer consciousness’ as well as the ‘observer consciousness’ that dwell in me were the two oars that could help me row the boat of my soul across the river of life. While intellectually i was aware of this, i hadn’t quite experienced it as vividly as i did in that dream state. I was shown that when i encountered a difficult experience, my natural tendency was to become acutely attached to the terrible feelings i was undergoing. I became my pain, my panic, my fear, my restlessness, my emptiness....

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Another Man’s Storm

I watch the storm Ravage his mind And feel the whip lash Of that turbulent wind Envelop everything In its destructive radius Breathe now I whisper To his mind It won’t leave you Until you choose To move away To a better place Of stillness He glares, Embers burning bright As the wind rouses his flames His mind retaliates to say I don’t need stillness I want to burn In this anger I want to savour This pain With a prayer in my heart I walk away from his storm Knowing that no matter how much one may wish to help another Every man must find his own cover Every man must ache to see the...

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