Bhagavan Shri Veda Vyasa Speaks

Bhagavan Shri Veda Vyasa an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is considered the greatest seer, poet, guru, author and philosopher in Hindu religion. He is the author of the Mahabharata,Vedas and Puranas.

He graced us with his presence during one of my deep trance states amongst a group of lightworkers. Following are excerpts from his chanelled messages:

The path to immortality lies in the existence of the sublimated self. The mortal beings perish. It is only the soul that you must learn to cherish. That attempt makes one immortal. My texts explain this, but in vain, the text is barely understood (He is referring to the Vedas here). It cannot be comprehended by the fatigue of the mortal mind. Use your immortal thirst to comprehend my text. Only then will the elixir flow through you. The rest perishes as you just saw. (I had seen mass funeral pyres burning along the ghats  and morbid and confused souls desperately trying to make the passage back into the light but losing themselves. It was amidst these fires that Ved Vyasa had maifested to give us these messages)Fire consumes it, the air swallows it and the light sublimates it.

And that is all that you are lost to in this world. The elements(referrring here to the five elements of which are bodies are composed of – earth, water, fire, air and ether) May your spirit rise to the level of comprehension where each word will awaken you to the truth, that which you seek. It is all answered but do you hold the question to even seek my answer? Thirst for the question first… it’s the only way you will awaken. Are you any different from the mortal body that you just saw cremated in those fires? You too are consumed by your own elements, all those that comprise your body. What happened to your soul? When will you awaken to it?

Moderator: Can you guide us to the awakening process?

Ask the question. Implicit in a question, lies the search for the answer. The moment a question is born, the answer begins to awaken instantly. Have you asked the question?

Maybe no… but maybe we are not aware of what the question is..can you guide us on that?

Who are you? Why are you here? Did you come to feed the elements that can feed off themselves?

No, I don’t think so…

So what is it you came to feed?

To seek the answer to this question….who am I?

You came to feed the soul and in feeding the soul, you feed back into source. So ask the question.

Ok so who am I? Can we ask you some questions for our learning?

It may be

I know you have written a lot of texts in Sanskrit in a place called Bharat. So what period did you exist on Earth. Can you give us an idea?

Why are you all so stuck in time? Timeless knowledge does not have a period. Is there anything there that was not relevant then or now or whenever? It is without period.

Can you guide us about how we can begin the search for the answer to the aforesaid question? We keep hearing about meditation, about doing good to others, we keep hearing about increasing our vibrations etc could you guide us as to what we need to do?

Larvae to cocoon to butterfly. The cocoon lies encompassed and ugly…. Simply gestating. Waiting. What is the process you ask? Is there a process or is it simply an encompassment, a looking within at your own ugliness… and born of that ugliness then is the beautiful butterfly. What was the process except an innate inner unfolding of the cocoon?

Yes but the process is still there. What we call metamorphosis from the scientific point of view

It’s an internal process. You don’t do it. The cocoon doesn’t do it. The Be All makes it happen.

So you mean each one of us is capable of that inner unfolding if we attempt it?

Each one of you is

I get the essence of I call you vyas ji or muni vyas ji

Vyasa. We are all one. The ji implies seniority. Muni implies an erudite. We are one. In the realm of soul, we are one.

First questioner: Tell me how should we protect ourselves from negative energies?

Open your hearts shower the love on everyone that you work with, they can only love you back. They can never have the intention to hurt you then. In the light of your love, they are transformed. If you hold the love energy strongly enough, all negativity will vanish.

Second Questioner: My question is about my purpose in life? How can I proceed on my path faster?

In the realms of personal pursuit, you need to take off the cloaks you have gathered along the way so that your obscured vision can see clearly. You carry too much weight, my child. Start dropping the weight and the whole story will unfold for you. You think you are already light. You can’t see your weight. Get in touch with the burdens you carry. Having carried them for so long, you are now so accustomed to them; you do not perceive them as weight anymore. First sharpen your awareness to know that the weight is external, it doesn’t belong to you, never was. Then one by one, remove them and the whole purpose will unfold as clearly as a dream. The only thing that stops you is your awareness which at present is so spread out that it has no focus. Gather it bit by bit, bring it together. Make it sharp like a laser; let it cut through that obscurity so that your path may be unraveled to you. It isn’t hard if you decide to do it. But you are scared to go there. Give up the fear. There is nothing to be scared of. You have what it takes, not merely to journey it but perhaps to lead it too. Find that inner strength, recommit yourself, re-discover your inner faith and you shall be free.

Third Questioner: How can we fulfill our worldly duties and still follow the calling of our souls unencumbered?

Place your hand in mine. Not this way, as a ball. Now I am holding on to you(clutches the hand in the palm of the other)…I am so attached. I don’t know what to do. I am attached, I am so attached. What should I do (frees the clutch of the fist holding the hand and lets go)…just that. Just that. What did I do?

You just detached yourself.

No I gave up the clinging. I no longer cling. Why was I clinging? Did you hear me scream..

I am so attached

…those are your are vulnerable so you cling. The minute you go into your soul state and connect with spirit, all vulnerabilities will dissolve… And then as easily as I dropped my hand and took it away, you will find you are detached. It doesn’t mean I won’t lend my hand to hold you up when you need it. But I am not clinging anymore. It is not my vulnerability, for then I am supporting you not clinging to you. So you need to just connect with spirit and spontaneously the clinging dissolves. You are empowered then to support…

And not cling…

That’s right.

Fourth questioner: If I want to progress on the path I have chosen, I find it conflicts with my job. If I leave the job, give myself to the path, it is said that the existence will take care of my family. Should I take that verbatim? And will existence really take care of them? Today if I follow the instinct of my heart, the stomach of my family goes empty. So should I go on the path and let them be plunged in their own destinies? The clinging is caused because of this …I want a definitive answer, not that existence will take care or God will take care. How do we .. the bread earners of the family or those who have responsibilities on their shoulders immerse themselves in spirit?

V: First thing, those who walk the path, for them nothing is to be taken verbatim. All spiritual messages are deeply embedded they are to be comprehended based on the level of your evolution. Soul reads the comprehended message, soul understands the coding, nothing is literal on this path. So first, don’t take anything literally. Verbatim would limit you. So it is good that you ask and yet you have taken the communication literally. For you talk of empty stomachs. To walk the path, what does that mean? Does the path mean doing something in particular? Is that a path?

The path is to bring light, the path is to remove the veil, and the path is to honor the truth. First you learn to walk. Empower yourself, when you learn to walk, life transforms around you. So much support is provided from different quarters to enable you to walk further. But you stand rooted on the spot; you put your hands to your waist and you command the Lords…..will you feed my family? You want the assurance before you walk the path. That’s because you took the message verbatim.

You have to simply go within. Become the cocoon. To practice your dharma first understand that dharma is a personal process. You have to go nowhere, not to a temple, not to a mandir, nowhere. You just need to go to your inner self and you need to surrender so that the metamorphosis we spoke about, can start. And when your inner world changes, everything around you will begin to change.

If nothing in your external world has changed, know that it mirrors your internal world. It merely proves that your inner universe is at the same point, no change has occurred. Your external reflects your internal. When your internal landscape will change sufficiently, everything around you will begin to transform. You only need to change the internal. In your own home, while you feed those that you are karmically tied to invoke love and compassion, when you go to work invoke the attitude of service, of seva, with each experience go within each day, each breath, each moment and see your life transform.

What I hear you say is that while we do the external activity, we should constantly remain connected inside

A simple question you should try and answer is, can you be seated in your soul 24 hours? That’s all it takes. It doesn’t matter what you do whether you work in an office, you feed your child, you make love to your wife, or whether you go out and support others, or do seva, or visit a temple, it’s all the same. Those are your mortal actions. Can you be in the soul 24 hours of your day? That is all that’s required.

Fifth questioner: I see people around me knowing much more. I keep trying to catch up in this quest for knowledge. Does knowledge or enhancing the knowledge lead to being able to work or does work lead to that knowledge?

Inner work leads to all knowledge. What lies within each of you? Do you know who or what that is? Have you ever met it? Do you know its quality? Then how do you say you are on the path? Which path are you on? Where does that path lead you? Where do you wish to go? Why are you congregated here? You don’t know your destination. You don’t recognize your path. You don’t know how to walk it. You don’t wish to do the inner work. You are lost in the semantics. What is inner work? How do you go within? The senses take you out. Withdraw your senses, you will go within. When you go within you will discover the quality of what lies within. Without taking the first step, you wish to have a glimpse of your destination. How is that possible? Take the first step before you can merge with the ocean. That first step will start unraveling all the knowledge and with each step then, each breath of those 24 hours, when you are immersed in spirit, you will get glimpses of that destination. But you don’t want to step on that journey and a million questions which are meaningless..why?

Because the journey starts with the destination in mind, without the destination in mind, how can anyone take the first step? If one has to reach the Himalayas and he starts the journey in the south where will it lead him…he has to have the destination in mind.

What is your destination?

That’s what we are asking..we need to know that…

The strength of an intellect can sometimes become the greatest barrier. Go beyond the intellect. And to be able to go beyond the intellect, you can only do so by destroying the intellect. Your intellect has become a barrier for you. Too many questions, too little experience. Your very first experience will show you how limiting the intellect was. But take that step towards the experience. You say nobody can move to a destination without a goal and I asked you what lies within and you had no answer. Your destination is only to go within. Does the mountaineer glimpse the Himalayas from the plain or the base camp? He only has a route map. You have been given the route map and that map says go within. So when you reach within, the questions all cease. But first get there.

Sixth questioner: We know about the Akashik book of records but is it that we all carry a copy of the same within us like a book of records?

What is cellular memory? You all work with cellular memory here, don’t you? What is cellular memory?

Each cell carries its own experience, the memory of that experience individually and collectively.

So what is the memory of an experience called…a record?

Yes a record…yes…

So don’t you carry with you an imprint? A morphogenetic imprint with you each time you incarnate? It is with you.

Any other message for us gathered here?

You all need to go beyond the verbatim. Read between the lines. Meditate on the lines. Introspect on the thought. Take one query about your life and ask the why over and over and over again. Each time you ask the why and go within, you will penetrate deeper and deeper and then you will develop the art of looking deeply at things. Currently you just skim the surface and you expect to understand. It isn’t like that. I started by telling you, my texts can only be understood by the level of your own evolution. I asked you to read between the words and the lines for this very purpose..

Can we connect with you again, later if we have more queries?

When the world burns as yours currently is there are so many of us that come to support you. If not me, any other being who can guide you will definitely be there.

We thank you very very much.


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  1. kali says:

    So simple yet so profound!God never fails.His direction is clear.Look within “Be still and know I am god” Yet our rational mind goes out searching and fsearching for this super power that lies within us.All we need is the switch called “faith”.
    A child like faith. (not easy at our age)”Faith is a substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen.But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that HE IS,and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him”-Hebrews 11:1,6.
    According to your faith be it unto you.-Matthew 9:29b.
    Those who believed, received.

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