Body Shaming Hurts Men Too

It’s a myth that only women suffer from body shaming & not men. The assumption driving this belief is that men care only about career shaming, about where one works, how much one earns & the symbols of success one flaunts. In an Instagram and snapchat driven world, where edited selfies & perfect faces drive desire, male beauty is more prominent than ever. The truth that unfolds in my clinical research is that men worry as much about their bodies as women. Some of the issues that cause them immense worry include;

1. Male breasts & the need to hide them. This affects their posture causing backaches & cervical trouble.
2. Not being big built. Being too petite, short and wiry can make them feel effeminate & ‘not man enough’.
3. Early balding pattern makes them worry about ‘who would want to marry me?’
4. Being obese. ‘Hulks don’t make great date boys’ is their self inflicted belief.
5. Dark complexion can bother them as much as it bothers girls. ‘Im not a good looking dude & that is why I don’t have a girlfriend’ is their constant worry.

No wonder, men (boys) today are obsessed with pumping iron at Gyms to beef up and spend hours gelling their chisel cut hair. Truth is, that both genders are dancing to the tune of vanity today, not realising that they have become its victims & the incumbent suffering that it brings along.


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