Break up Blues

Heartbreak is perhaps one of the hardest experiences that young people struggle with today. Neeraj is a victim of this malady. His girlfriend of three years dumped him recently and because of which he sunk into depression.

He isolated himself,  20140706_190746put on huge amounts of weight and spent most of his hours sleeping or brooding about his ex girlfriend. His waking hours were filled with unreal fantasies about her or worrying about whom she might be dating at present.

Life was no longer about himself or his well being, but rather about brooding and reminiscing about a past. This only caused him more pain and made him sink deeper into depression. He became manic depressive and had constant mood swings.

People in such situations not only harm themselves but unknowingly damage others they live with, such as close family and friends, by withdrawing from them and having frequent bouts of acrid and unhappy interactions.

Those in their immediate environment may or may not know of their deep pain and even if they do, may not be equipped to deal with the challenges involved. Invariably when the well meaning efforts of close ones are repeatedly thwarted, the family also begins to tire out, becoming impatient and a vicious circle of disharmony gradually invades their living space.

The best thing you can do to help someone who may be struggling with heartbreak is refer them to a Mental health professional or reputed alternative therapist so that the individual can be assisted in reclaiming his life, his self esteem and his lost confidence. Heartbreak can impact and impair people so severely that they helplessly make damaging choices instead of reaching out for help.

Symptoms that indicate that a dear one may be trapped in the downward spiral of heartbreak blues include;

1. Very low self esteem

2. Deep guilt and self blame

3. Excessive eating or substance abuse such as drinking, smoking or drugs

4. Volatile anger issues

5. Self pity

6. Constant brooding

7. Suicidal or revengeful thoughts

8. Need to stalk the ex through social media or friends

9. Self sabotaging acts such as not turning up for interviews or rejecting help from family & friends

10. Isolation causing a shutting away of all social connection even with family

11. Excessive sleeping to escape the pain

12. Impaired judgement

13. Low self- confidence

With the use of Holographic therapy Neeraj was assisted to reclaim his self esteem and release his heartache. Since his last sessions he reports that his anger had considerably reduced. There is a new found inner realization that he must help himself and improve. He has greater control over his food indulgences.

His anxiety has reduced. His confidence is returning. And most importantly he is now meeting up with friends and has become more positive and social. He has joined yoga classes, and inspired by his weight loss, is looking forward to joining a gym too. Also heartening is the fact that he is now thinking about and exploring alternative career options and wants to succeed at life.



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