Can others sit in during the sessions?

During the case discussions it is fine to have someone sit in with you. However once therapy commences it is not recommended that others be present in the session. This is important for two reasons.

Firstly thisis an extremely personal and sacred journey into your inner depths and as such highly sensitive and confidential material may be revealed during the session. To provide you with a completely safe and sacred environment during this process it is prefereable that you are by yourself so that your thoughts and feelings can find uninhibited expression. Even though you may be very close to the person who has accompanied you, each human has a personal boundary which needs to be respected. It is entirely your discretion whether you

This is a personal and sacred journey that needs the space to unfold without any reluctance or inhibition

wish to share a part of or the whole experience after the session is over. Thus, in order to honour and protect your personal space and confidentiality it best that no one else be present during therapy.

Secondly during the process of therapy it is possible that you may experience cathartic release of energies involving an outpouring of emotions. Such release can only take place without the fear of any judgements by a third person. Hence only the therapist who understands the finer nuances of the treatment and fully supports the process should be present.


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