15. Career anxiety

Srini came to me hoping to find relief from

the continuous and almost obsessive anxiety he was facing with regards to his job situation. The company was retrenching people and he was worried about being asked to leave. Being the sole bread earner in the family he was anxious about the loss in income, the break in service, the erosion of his morale and self confidence and all the hardship associated with losing one’s job.

He had a persistent discomfort in the pit of his stomach

that caused him frequent headaches and he had recently developed an uncontrollable itch all over his body which sometimes manifested as a rash. Srini’s body talk was clearly telling me that he was feeling powerless in that situation – a third chakra imbalance – causing the stomach discomfort and that he was itching to get out of that situation urgently.

The headaches were indicative of his blocked vision

of the future – a sixth chakra affliction  and the rash was symbolic of his intolerance and deep resistance of his current situation.

In the first session Srini was given a relaxation

experience and assisted in learning to center himself and let go. This was not easy for him given his analytical and overly logical and powerful conscious mind but after a few deepening methods and some guided visualisations he was eventually able to relax. The anxiety in his stomach was identified by him as being a brown hairy ball the size of a tennis ball which was then removed from his energy body.

Appropriate suggestions for relaxation

were incorporated into his subconscious mind and he was asked to continue working with a set of affirmations that could help him to retrain his inner thoughts.

At the beginning of the second session

Srini reported that the uneasiness in his stomach had gone but he still had occasional headaches and the rash.  After putting him in a deep hypnotic trance  Srini was connected to his higher self and guided through a journey of deep understanding about why he was faced with this situation, what he needed to learn from it, how he could master this lesson and rise above it and finally what actions, if any, he needed to take.

Srini was advised by his spiritual source

that this was indeed a tough situation in which his courage, among other things, was being tested. The key lesson he had to master was coping with unpredictability. He needed to be prepared for all outcomes – this would help him learn the art of surrender. He was also meant to learn to be conservative with his resources and value the things that he had. He had to find moments of happiness with his children, develop his courage, and overcome his fears.

He was guided to act and behave in ways that he

wanted to manifest in his life. He was told to prepare his script, act with confidence, play the game as a sportsman would and to be cheerful. “It is not the end of the world …whatever happens is fine…just be in acceptance…be in the flow…don’t worry too much about it. Have a deep seated belief that you are taken care of.”

Srini emerged from the session deeply moved.

He had experienced insight and understanding and seemed a lot more peaceful and positive about the future. help was given in developing a keep centered daily routine which he adhered to strictly.

Within two days his headaches had vanished

and the rashes gone. A month later Srini called to tell me that he had sailed through the turbulent seas safely and had retained his job. After meeting with his Higher Self he had found the inner strength to cope with his situation in a more peaceful and calm way. And it wasn’t as if things had  become any easier but that he had found the courage and the insight to be in a state of surrender and acceptance.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality


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