Depression – Life Positive, December 2016

Click on the hyperlink below to view article How therapy helped a young girl experiencing depression.

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Mind Reading – Life Positive, October 2016

Click on the hyperlink below to read article Communicating with a Comatose patient

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Life Purpose – Life Positive, Aug 2016

Click on the hyperlink below to read article Finding Life Purpose

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India Today Magazine July 2000

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Life Positive March 1999

Channeling – CHANNEL BE   by Swami Anand Sidhartha Entities from various dimensions channeled the following message for mankind through light worker Suzy Singh A few weeks prior to a powerful vision, I had a mystical encounter with an enlightened spiritual couple from the USA. It was Deva, their male aspect, who first asked me to bring together the power of female energies in a group to support the collective consciousness. At that time, I wasn’t certain if I was ready for the task. I quietly brushed the request into my deeper subconscious. However, the universe sent me a...

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Life Positive Magazine Dec 1998

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