38. Dreadful Divorce

It had been months since the divorce, and yet she had been unable to stop thinking about him. She often fantasized about being remarried to him, and often this was a common theme in her dreams too. She was trapped in her past. Her health had begun failing and she was mentally depressed. As her therapy session progressed she suddenly exclaimed, the sofa I’m sitting on is moving. I feel like I’m in the midst of an earthquake. This occurred as she processed the memory of the day her ex husband came to return all her belongings. Deep down she wanted to be with him, but the divorce had...

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37. Fear Of Abandonment

He hated being alone and always surrounded himself with friends, even if that meant using emotional manipulations to have them around. But on the odd occasions when they left him out of their plans, he suffered intensely. Pangs of loneliness and abandonment tormented him. He felt as though he had been take for granted by all his friends. As we investigated the source of this abandonment, we traveled back to an incident that had occurred when he was in class 7. He had failed in most subjects and the fear of what might happen, made him forge his father’s signature on the report card. As...

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36. Holding on to the Dead

The voices in her head had just been growing stronger over the last month. Often she would hear people fighting and arguing, even though no such conflict was occurring in her surroundings. Even though she was far more settled emotionally since her last session, she found that her interest in her prayers had diminished and she would often feel fearful that something bad would happen. During therapy we discovered that she had a large number of discarnate spirits attached to her, which included the spirit bodies of her mother and father. Her father had passed away suddenly almost two decades...

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35. Does Your Unsupportive Partner Have a Secret?

The security at the colony gates refused to let in the trucks carrying their new furniture. Sunil saw his wife struggling but chose to remain aloof and uninvolved. At dinner, when she urged him to talk to the RWA and report the matter, he was miffed. The only voice that filled his mind was, why is she pushing me into a fight with the welfare association? Instantly his head felt heavy and he retreated into his shell. Both husband and wife left the dinner table feeling upset & misunderstood. On the face of it Sunil’s behaviour seemed to be unmanly and irresponsible. Did he not care about...

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34. The Connection Between Money & Your Mind

Have you ever wondered why you have money problems? Or what your relationship with money is? Are you in awe of it? Are you scared to have too much or too little? Do you defer payments until they become long overdue? Or spend it carelessly? If someone asked you to write yourself a cheque, how many zeros would you add to the figure? It’s interesting how your subconscious relationship with money can be the root cause of your empty pocket syndrome or your money woes. Rakesh had a similar kind of problem. He was struggling to succeed in his ventures which usually never reached the execution...

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33. Are You Suffering From Past Life Indigestion?

If he hadn’t left home to chase his dreams, he would have been miserable. He wanted to make a name for himself, to become somebody significant, to be rich. And so it was that he had set forth to distant lands, even though his parents hadn’t wanted him to go. Years later he came back home to find it deserted and barren. With everyone gone, all he could do was walk around that silent house and speak to the furniture & walls. No one said anything, but the utensils on the table told him what had gone on. They left in a hurry, said the half-eaten-from dishes scattered on the...

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