What is the alpha state?

The following table lists the various brain waves and their corresponding states. What makes the alpha state so powerful is that for a new behavior pattern to be incorporated into the psyche only 21 repetitions are required whereas the same behavior needs to be repeated thousands of times if one were to practice it in their normal waking state. Brain Wave Cycles per second Usual state for adults No. Of repetitions required for new behaviour Beta 14+ Normal awake Thousands Alpha 7 – 14 Light sleep, Meditation Approximately 21 Theta 4-7 Sleep 1 or...

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What does being in a trance feel like?

Different people experience trance states differently. While each person’s experience is unique there are some commonalities. Most people are fully aware of the sounds and other activities happening  around them yet at the same time they have a sense of other information being unravelled to them almost like an inner unfolding. It is as though an inner portal of knowledge opens up within them and they can intuitively connect with the information that was always within but they couldn’t reach. Others see dream like flashes or wispy visions and still others hear words spoken in their...

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What is the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist?

A hypnotist is a person who can put you in a hypnotic trance but is not qualified to perform therapy. Always ask your therapist if he/she is a certified hypnotist or a hypnotherapist.

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Does a therapist also undergo therapy?

Inner healing is an ongoing process for almost everyone who has incarnated on this planet. It is therefore extremely important that anyone who is involved with helping others  to heal,  regularly practices and embraces the process of self discovery and inner healing. This helps in evolving consciousness and raising not just the therapist’s own vibrations but also the collective consciousness of the planet as a whole. In addition it enhances the in trance experience and sensitivity of the therapist. Speaking for myself personally, I ensure that I work with every single one of the...

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How do I know if a particular therapist is the right one for me?

Trust your Intuition Once you have satisfied yourself about the credentials of a therapist it is useful to have a brief telephonic conversation with him/her. Watch your intuitive feelingsas the conversation unfolds.  If you feel comfortable in your gut and find the conversation flowing easily and effortlessly you are probably speaking to the right person. If on the other hand there is any discomfort or uneasiness you might want to find another therapist. Trust your intuition. It never lets you down if you listen to it closely...

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How do I know if a therapist is skilled enough?

Never be apprehensive of asking the therapist any questions whether about his or her qualifications or experience. Any good therapist would welcome such questions and only be too willing to share such information.

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